Quantum Mechanics I

A few words about the course

In this course, we will cover the basics of Quantum Mechanics. This is one of the modern theories in Physics that has been successfully explaining a broad range of phenomena for more than 100 years. It is difficult (arguably impossible) to understand Quantum mechanics in its fullest depth, so we do not plan to chase this dream here. Instead, we will try to learn the language of Quantum Mechanics and learn how to use this language to understand and explain quantum systems and quantum effects.


Here's a list of books and materials that could be helpful for this course. We may add more material as we proceed.

Quantum Mechanics, Concepts and Applications

by Nouredine Zettili

This will the main source of our course.

Principles of Quantum Mechanic

By Ramamurti Shankar

Quantum Mechanics Lecture notes

by Vahid Karimpour

These lecture notes are extremely well-written and cover the materials of this course in great details. You can also find the video lectures thought by Prof. Karimpour on-line. Both are extremely recommended.

Quantum Mechanics

by Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, et al.

This is also a great resource if you have the time. It covers a lot of details that we cannot get to in the class.