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به نام خداوند جان و خرد

سخنی از قرآن کریم




Ali Abedian (CV)

Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering

Ph.D. (University of Saskatchewan-Canada)

M.Tech. (Massey University-New Zealand)

B.Sc. (University of Iran Science & Technology-Tehran)

The first research team was established in Jan. 2000 as a part of the Structure Group of Aerospace Engineering Department of Sharif University of Technology. The main activities of the team have been focused on mechanics of composite materials with both metallic and polymeric matrices. The results of these activities have been published either in refereed Journals or international conference proceedings.

During the last decade, with expanding the industrial needs, several other research teams have been established including SuperPlastic Forming of Composite Materials (SPFCM), FGM team, Damage Analysis of Composites (DAC), Optimum Tailoring of Laminated Composites (OTLC), Turbo-Machinery ( Structure and Materials), Materials Selection, Smart Materials Applications (Shape Memory Alloys & Piezo-electric Materials ), Micro-Satellite Structures, Aging Aircraft.† These research teams have also been involved with various industrial projects which a brief account could be found in this web page.

As a result of these research works, one Ph.D. student, 35 M.Sc. students, 25 B.Sc. students (final project) have been graduated. Also, at the present time, 4 Ph.D., 11 M.Sc., and 5 B.Sc. students are active and working on the existing research subjects. From among the graduates of this research team, 10 are doing their Ph.D. degrees abroad and the rest have already joined distinguished and prestigious industrial companies and factories.

It should be noted that the present teams are capable of performing sophisticated and High Tech. academic and industrial research and manufacturing projects. We are ready to join your teams and give a helping hand to you.