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FGM - Summary



· FGMs are designed for high working Temp. like thermal barriers an gas turbine engine parts in Aerospace industry

· Little information on long term behaviour or fatigue life of FGMs at elevated temperatures is available

· The FEM modelling of these aspects is of interest




· Developing appropriate FEM models and long term analysis tool

· Creep behaviour of an FGM material was studied using the FEM modelling

· The residual stresses under in-phase and out-of-phase thermo-mechanical cyclic loadings were investigated

· Large deformation and through the thickness stress of thick FGM plates considering 1st and 3rd order shear deformation theories using energy method was also studied




· The results show that the energy method powered by the FSDT and FSDT is capable of predicting the effects of plate thickness on the deformation and the through the thickness stress.

· The effects of power " n " on the plate response is clearly depicted. Where, " n " depicts the order of a power law function which is considered for the through the thickness variation of the properties of the FGM plate.

· The singularity of the stress distribution for very small and very large " n " values is demonstrated.




1) Sarfaraz-Khabaz, R., Dehghan-Manshadi, B., Abedian, A, "Non-linear analysis of FGM plates under pressure loads using the higher-order shear deformation theories", Composite Structures, 2008 (In Press).

2) Akbarpour, S., Abedian, A., Motamedian, H. R., "Micromechanical FEM modeling of thermal stresses in functionally graded materials", Proceeding of the 7th International Conference of the Iranian Aerospace Society, Tehran, Iran,2008.























































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