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Super plasticity - Summary



· Manufacturing monolithic parts in Aerospace industry

· It is widely used for engineering materials and MMCs

· Due to complication involved less FEM simulation could be found in the literature compare to experimental works




· Providing a simulation tool for reducing costs and efforts

· Advising on the optimum manufacturing scheme




· The ISS superplasticity mechanism in some MMCs was successfully modelled.

· Some necking effects of larger constant mechanical stresses used in ISS method was identified. This is the thing which could not be measured by the available precision tools.

· In long run it appears as a major defect and deteriorates the part at service in a much shorter time than expected.

· Some modifications for the manufacturing methods in ISS have been offered, so far.




1) Abedian, A., Barakati, A., Malekpour, A., "Effects of geometry aspects on the simulation of superplasticity in MMC Composites", 25th Congress of International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS-2006), Hamburg, Germany, 2006.

2) Abedian, A., Malekpour, A."FEM Analysis of Internal Stress Super-Plasticity in Al/SiCw Composite Subjected to Thermal Cycling" 24th Congress of International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS-2004), Japan, 2004.

3) Barakati, A., Abedian, A., Koochakzade, M. A., "FEM simulation of the effects of fiber/matrix debonding and matrix strain hardening on the superplastic behavior of MMCs", Proceeding of the 6th International Conference of the Iranian Aerospace Society, Tehran, Iran, 2007.

4) Barakati, A., Abedian, A.,"Finite Element Modeling of Internal Stress Superplastic Forming of Metal Matrix Composites (Part I)" submitted to the journal of Computational Material Science (CMS) for possible publications.






















































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