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SMA - Summary



· Due to the possibility of large elastic deformation of SMA (because of the microstructure phase changes, Aust.-Mart, under Temp. and Mechanical loading) they are a good choice for actuators and damping vibrations.

· Rapid introduction and expansion of SMAs in the field of Aerospace Structures




· Developing 1-D code for modelling of SMA wires for the control of a solar aircraft ruder

· Developing 2-D code for application of SMA panels to aircraft flaps

· Simulation of application of the SMA wires and panels to vibration control in a micro-satellite structure through stress-stiffening or softening




· 1-D code has already been developed.

· SMA wires are good choices for low speed and smooth flight trajectory profile aircrafts

· For high speed-high frequency applications the heat removal needs more attention

· The power consumption of the aircraft could be lowered by using SMAs




1) Rajabi, M. and Abedian, A.,"CONTROL OF A SOLAR AIRCRAFT RUDDER USING SHAPE MEMORY WIRES" submitted to the journal of Computational Material Science (CMS) for possible publications.






















































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