Practical Trainee

  • directed more than 170 senior students

BS Projects

  • guided over 60 senior students on their optional project

MS Thesis

  • Supervised over 200 graduate students


  • Supervised 19 students in structural-earthquake engineering, 10 PhD students under supervision
NAME Ph.D. Dissertation Title Graduation year
Tari Vardilavi Asl Probabilistic investigation of concrete structures with softening behavior under seismic loadings 2000
Hossein Parastesh Response of precast RC concrete moment-resisting beam to column connection under seismic loadings 2001
Hassan Mirzabozorg Three-dimensional nonlinear seismic analysis of concrete dams including dam-reservoir interaction effects 2002
Abdollah Hosseini Analytical and experimental study on the seismic performance of high strength square concrete columns damaged by rebar corrosion and retrofitted by CFRP 2004
Shahriyar Keshavarz Morad Modeling and optimization of hot and cold forming processes of powders 2006
Peyman Rahmatabadi Determination of performance factor of structures with damping energy system 2008
Raham Zarfam Active control of dynamic response of beams and rectangular plates rested on elastic foundation under stochastic loads 2010
Seyed Mohammadmehdi Tonekabonipour Probabilistic based seismic vulnerability assessment of RC frames 2012
Horr Khosravi Kherisi Nonlinear response of shear and flexural buildings to strong ground pulses in near-field earthquakes 2014
Rohollah Bakhtiyaridoost Seismic behavior of moment resisting steel beam-precast reinforced concrete column connections 2015
Mohammad Hossein Mobini Casting method development and characteristics enhancement of high performance concrete by utilization of nano-Sio2 particles and different types of fibers 2016
Hamid Sadraei Investigation of dynamic behavior of concrete slabs reinforced with GFRP bars and prestressed concrete slabs under impact loading 2019
Ehsan Mobedi Cyclic behavior of moment resisting beam-column precast concrete connection by using the mechanical reinforcement couplers 2019
Ali Maghsoudi Barmi Experimental and numerical investigation of laminated elastomeric bearings used as seismic base isolator considering long term loading effects 2020
Shahram Mohammad Askari Compressive performance of concrete confined with UPVC pipes 2020
Maryam Foroutani Numerical study of the effect of the primary gap on the behavior of stiffened steel shear walls 2020
Hossein Moradi Experimental investigation on the behavior of RC arches strenghtened by GFRP and CFRP composites 2021
Hesam Soltani Dynamic performance enhancement of RC slabs by steel fibers versus externally bonded GFRP sheets under impact loading 2022
Hossein Omidi An equivalent linear method for analysis of moment frames 2022


NAME Post-Doctorate Dissertation Title year
Alireza Naji Givi Investigation of concrete response containing Nano particles 2010-2012
Hadi Haeri Various issues on rock and concrete fracture mechanism 2013-2015
Asghar Gholizadeh vayghan Alkali-activated slag concrete behavior considering strength, CO2 emission and material cost 2018
Ali Ghamari Proposing a non-load-bearing wall to resist earthquake load for commercialization 2018-2020