Academic Career

Research Activity

Covers a range of topics related to Structural Engineering, Seismic Vulnerability Evaluation and Strengthening, Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete structures, Concrete Composite materials, Materials of construction, Health Monitoring and Earthquake engineering, such as; constitutive relationships, modeling and testing structures and structural components and materials, shear capacity of HSC beams, ductility of structures, fiber reinforced composite materials and structural elements, high-strength normal and lightweight concrete, high performance concrete, durability of concrete, special concretes, RCC, use of industrial by-products in concrete, SCC(material and structural elements), sulfur concrete, nonlinear analysis and design of RC structures, condition assessment, repair & strengthening of structures in seismic zones, influence of concrete strength on RC structures and structural components and material behavior, failure criteria of concrete in stress and strain space, external confinement of RC columns for seismic zones, innovations in the form of reinforcements of concrete structural components (columns, slabs, shear-walls, etc.), Bridge analysis and design (load DF and curved bridges), inelastic models for RC members, seismic design parameters for RC members and structures, precast structures for seismic zones, 3D nonlinear analysis of dams, curved structures, localization of structures, reinforcement corrosion on seismic performance of RC structures, RC for crude oil tanks, CFST columns and connections, CF-UPVC-T columns, Use of FRP, steel and RC jackets in strengthening RC members, steel coupling beams in shear walls, FRP bars for RC structures, SMA in structural components and base isolators, Health monitoring of structures, aging of base isolators under seismic load, EQ vulnerability analysis and strengthening of buildings, refineries, petrochemical plants and sophisticated structures.

Impact behavior of RC slab using various strengthening techniques, use of Nano materials in concrete, strengthening steel structural members with CFRP laminate, RC column-steel beam behavior (exp. and seismic response), method for preventing failure of structural frame caused by column removal.

Design and control of design of special buildings and structures.

Research Report: have submitted over 80 final reports.

Organizing Conferences

  • organized several national and international conferences (as chairman or member of organizing committee) related to concrete structures, concrete composite materials, Health Monitoring, strengthening, earthquake and structural engineering.
  • recently chaired two National conf. on "Applied research in structural engineering and construction management," Sep. 2017 and March, 2018.
  • Chair, International conf on “Applied research in structural engineering and construction management”, Tehran, June 2019.

Workshops (organizer)

  • Fiber Reinforced Concrete Technology, 2000, SUT, proceeding, 121p.
  • New methods for health monitoring and strengthening, experimental and numerical analysis of structures and materials, 2008, SUT, Center of Excellence in Structures & E/Q Engineering.


  • organized over 80 short seminars in E/Q and structural engineering.

Consulting and Design

Piles for offshore structures, Residential buildings, Construction performance of subway project, Mix design for special concretes, Reinforced concrete detailing, Strengthening brick walls, Rehabilitation of port structures, Retrofitting buildings damaged by Earthquake, Precast-prestressed concrete structures, Pavement construction method of airports, Pull-out tests for connections of tall precast RC buildings, Fiber-reinforced concrete, Relaxation of prestressting bars, Strength evaluation of tall RC buildings using NDT, Seismic design, Strength evaluation and strengthening methods of structures, Testing methods for structural materials and structures, Concrete technology and materials of construction, Quality control of large construction materials and structural systems, Vulnerability evaluation and strengthening of various structures and facilities. Design and control of design of special buildings and structures, Health monitoring of bridges and tall structures, Historical structures health monitoring and rehabilitation.

Typical cases

  • Quality control manager of Masjed Solayman Dam. 96- 97.
  • Vulnerability analysis and strengthening, buildings, bridges, lifelines and equipments, 1991 - continues.
  • Design of post-cooling System for concrete plug of culvert of Karkheh Dam, 1996.
  • Head of Beton Chimie research center, initiated the center, 1995-1998.
  • Consultant, Construction Materials Division of "Building & Housing Research Center", 1996-1998.
  • Design of RCC of Jegin Dam, 1998-1999.
  • Consultant, Structure and Concrete Divisions of "Building & Housing Research Center", 2000-2001.
  • Consultant, Seismic analysis and Design of Structure and Concrete, Milad tower, 436m tall structure in highly seismic zone, 1997-2003.
  • National companies, EQ vulnerability analysis and strengthening of several major refineries, petrochemical plants, pump station and distribution, (pipelines, equipments, tanks, and buildings), project manager, 2000 - continues.
  • Technical Principal, developing code of practice for marine and port structures, 2000-2001.
  • Seismic evaluation, Bandar-Abbas Electric Office building against EQ loads and for durability, project manager, 2002-2003.
  • Management of water resources, Quality control production of aggregates for large projects, project manager, 2002-2003.
  • National research project, Strengthening RC structures in seismic zones, project manager, 1998-2003.
  • Special national research project, EQ moment-resisting connection for precast concrete frames, project manager, 2002-2004.
  • Management of water resources, methods for repair and strengthening of dams, project manager, 2002-2004.
  • Center for protection of natural hazards, Maximum possible weight reduction in structures in EQ zones, project manager, 2003-2005.
  • Management of water resources, 3D analysis of concrete dams, dam-reservoir interaction, project manager, 2004-2005.
  • Ministry of Transportation, guide for widening highway bridges, project manager, 2005-2006.
  • Design, control of design and strengthening of numerous special buildings and structures, 2001- continues. This includes over 1.5 million square meter of building floor.
  • Design control and construction supervisor, over 600 apartment for faculties and staff of SUT in Tehran, 2010 to 2020.
  • Project manager, design and construction of 102 apartment for faculties and staff of SUT in Kish island, 2015 to 2019.

Professional Affiliations


  • American Concrete Institute (1982-2012)
  • Phi Theta and Chi Epsilon
  • Iranian Society of Civil Engineers
  • National committee of large dams (1989-1994)


  • Iran Chapter of ACI (1990-1999)
  • Iranian scientific society of EQ engineering (2000-2003)


  • Iran Chapter of ACI (2000-2012)

Managing committee and a founder

  • Iranian concrete society (2000-2003)


  • Iranian scientific concrete society, 2021-2024
  • Iranian scientific concrete society, 2012-2018

Editorial board

  • Sharif civil eng. magazine
  • Tabriz univ. magazine
  • Amir-Kabir magazine
  • Asian journal of Civil Eng.
  • Building and housing news
  • Zamin-Larzeh, Iranian concrete society
  • International journal of civil engineering (1990-2005)


  • Journal of concrete technology, 2000-2005
  • Journal of concrete Materials and structures, 2016 - continues


  • ACI Structural and Materials journals
  • International journal of Solids and Structures
  • Journal of Computers and Structures
  • Journal of Engineering Structures
  • ASCE Journals
  • Construction and Building Materials

Registered Professional Engineer, Design and Construction supervision, First (Highest) base.

Candidate for Tehran’s City Council, 2005.

Oral Scientific Presentations: have presented over 70.