Professor 1996 - Cont Civil Engineering, Sharif University of Technology
Associate Professor 1992 - 1996 Civil Engineering, Sharif University of Technology
Assitant Professor 1987 - 1992 Civil Engineering, Sharif University of Technology


PhD 1986 Structural Engineering North Carolina State Univ., Dept. of Civil Eng., Raleigh, NC.
MSc 1981 Structural Engineering West Virginia State Univ., Dept of Civil Eng., Morgantown, WVa.
BSc 1979 Civil Engineering Univ. of Texas at Arlington, Dept. of Civil Eng., Arlington, TX.

Positions at SUT

2020 - Cont Head, Structural Engineering Division
2019 - Cont Chair, center of excellence in composite structures and seismic strengthening
2017 - 2022 Member of Research Committee.
2012 - Cont Member of Construction Management Division.
2013 - 2020 Chairman of Civil Engineering Branch of Pardis.
2015 - 2021 Member of Supreme Committee of Several joint Institutions and Research Based Organizations.
2012 - Cont Manager, Strong floor Dynamic Lab.
2011 - Cont Civil Eng. Dept. representative for selecting new faculty members.
2010 - 2012 Member of Supreme Committee of Sharif Univ. of Tech.
2005 - 2019 Member of planning and decision making of shaking Table.
2008 - 2020 Director of Structures Lab.
2006 - 2019 Chair, Center of Excellence in Structures and E/Q Engineering.
2006 - 2010 Head of Equipment committee.
2006 - 2019 Director of materials and Concrete Technology Lab.
2006 - Cont Representative of Structures/EQ Eng. group in promotion Committee.
2003 – Cont Director and Representative of CE Dept. in Promotion Committee.
1999 – 2011

Manager of STRONG FLOOR Lab, Founding, Planning, Design and supervision of construction of 16X11m strong floor and superstructure, and Installation, Testing and Calibration of testing devices for various operations based on limitations and feasibilities, also Contract Preparation, Selection of Contractors, Approval of Activities and Payments, Selection of Actuators with different capacities and capabilities for ordering, Detailed supervision of all the equipments and fully equipped the Lab with necessary supporting tools for testing.

1995 - 2004 Member of graduate Committee.
1991 - 1993 Installation and preparation of Advanced Mechanics of Materials Lab.
1990 - 1994 Member of scientific and engineering group of Ministry of Higher Education.
1992 Initiated PhD program in the Civil Engineering Department.
1988 – 1993 Member of graduate Committee.
1999 – 2003 Principal of Practical Training.
1989 – 1994 Head of Structural Engineering Division.
1989 – 1994 Assoc. Chairman of Research and Industrial Relations.
1988 – 1994 Director of Structural and Materials Laboratories.

Awards and Recognitions

Top 2% researchers in the world 2019, 2020, 2021
Exemplary researcher 2021, SUT
Research activities award 2019, SUT
Outstanding contribution in reviewing (Jrnl. of Engineering Structures) 2018, ELSEVIER
Outstanding contribution in reviewing (Jrnl. of Construction and Building Materials) 2017, ELSEVIER
Elite Professor 2017 SUT
Research Recognition List 2017 SUT
Sheikh Bahaee, 13th Ceremony 2017 (Comp. Manhole Cover)
Research Activities Award 2016 SUT
Research Recognition List 2015 SUT
ALAMEH TABATABAEE award 2013 National Elites Foundation
ACI Excellent chapter award 2011 USA
ACI Excellent chapter award 2010 USA
Distinguished researcher 2010 SUT
ACI Excellent chapter award 2009 USA
ACI Excellent chapter award 2008 USA
Membership Award, 2009 2009 Elites Foundation
Outstanding applied research activities 2008 Tehran municipality
Outstanding construction research activities 2008 city planning & housing
ACI Excellent Chapter Award 2007 USA
Who's who in engineering education 2007 Academic keys, USA
Certificate of Appreciation, (ACI) 2007 USA
Book on Science & Technology, National 2nd place 2007 Dahe-Fajr
ACI Excellent chapter award 2006 USA
ACI Excellent chapter award 2005 USA
Distinguished professor, National award, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology 2005 Ministry of Science, Research and Technology
American Concrete Institute, (ACI) FELLOW Award 2004 USA
ACI Excellent Chapter Award 2004 USA
ACI Excellent Chapter Award 2003 USA
Exemplary researcher 2002 SUT
ACI Excellent Chapter Award 2002 USA
ACI Excellent Chapter Award 2001 USA
ACI Outstanding Chapter Award 2000 USA
Publication of 17 papers in Internationally recognized Journals & Conference proceedings 1998 SUT
Superior engineering activities, Environmental Engineering & Architecture Forum 1997 Tehran (Ministry of Housing)
Distinguished professor 1996 SUT
Distinguished researcher 1996 SUT
Civil Eng. students magazine, teachers day 1994 SUT
Distinguished professor, teachers day 1993 SUT
RMCAS award, Concrete and Structures 1991 Singapore
Distinguished researcher, teachers day 1991 Superior council of scientific research
Distinguished researcher 1990 Ministry of Higher Education
Superior educational activities 1989 SUT
Member of Several honor societies 1977-1979/ UTA, USA
Outstanding student in Physics 1976 WC, USA


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Water drainage FRC cover Patent No. 2016
Manhole cover made with composite high-performance concrete Patent No. 88089 March, 4, 2016
Self- centering RC columns Patent No. 61998 Oct. 25, 2009
Mix design for structural silica fume concrete based on grout workability Patent No. 56848 Feb. 4, 2008
Active control of heat in mass concrete Patent No. 56856 Feb. 4, 2008
A confining technique for reinforcing concrete slabs patent No. 24783 June, 24, 2000
A confining technique for RC columns patent No. 26562 June, 16, 1993