Dr. Yahya Tabesh

Yahya Tabesh

Email: tabesh@sharif.ir
PO BOX 11155-8515
Tehran, Iran



Visiting Scholar, Stanford University, 2012-present

Faculty Member, Sharif University of Technology (SUT), 1988-present

Director, Computing Center (SUT), 1998-2010

Chairman, Department of Mathematical Sciences (SUT), 1994-1998

Member, High Council of Informatics (Iran), 1998-2006

Member, Software Patent Committee (High Council of Informatics), 2005-2010

Member, High Council of Educational Reform, 1993-2002

Director of Math and Computer Olympiads (Iran), 1991-2001

Member, Iranian Mathematical Olympiad Committee, 1990-present

Member, Board of Trustees - Sharif Alumni Association, 1997-present


Invited Speaker

13th International Congress of Math Education, Hamburg (Germany), July 2016


Recent Articles

Mathematics Education in Iran from Ancient to Modern, Series on Math Edu Vol. 13, World Scientific 2016

A Survey on Farsification in Computer and Internet, LSI 2014

How to iSolve it, ICME-12 2012

An Abstract Model for the Typography of Perso-Arabic Script,  35th Unicode Conference 2011

Ontology on Encyclopaedia of Iranian Architectural History, LSI 2009

Computer Aided Modeling for Wettability Measurement, NIOC-SUT 2008

Competitive Learning, ICME-11 2008

ICT Relief Program, GKP 2006

Entrepreneurship through ICT Development, WSIS 2005

Bridging the Digital Gap: A Model, WSIS 2003


Educational Pioneering

Founder and Director, Algorithms and Problem Solving Lab (SUT), 2009-present

Co-Founder and Director, Schoolnet, 1999-2009

Co-Founder and Board Member, Isfahan Math House, 2000-present

Editor, Math Journal, 1999-2009



A Man under an Apple Tree, Cyber 7, Apple iBook Store, 2014

Introduction to Algorithms, Fatemi Publishing Company, 2010

Art of Problem Solving, Fatemi Publishing Company, 2000

Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry (co author), Ministry of Education Texts, 1995



Computer Aided Modeling for Wettability Measurement, IR58153 2009



Persian Information Interchange and Display Mechanism, using Unicode, SHCI - ISIRI 2004

Layout of Persian letters and symbols on computer key board, SHCI - ISIRI 2007



Honorable Mention, Sharif 50th Anniversary, 2016

Erdös Award, 2010

Distinguished Author, Ministry of Education, 2005

Distinguished Services, Ministry of Education, 1995

Distinguished Faculty, Sharif University of Technology, 1994


Competitive Learning

IOI 1991

IOI 1992

IOI 1993



Agriculture Exhibition, Tehran 1956

Iran-Sina 1987

Iran-IOI 1992

Happy Face 2005