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 Sharif University of Technology
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Educational Background:
Sharif University of Technology
Ph.D. in Electronics with majors in the field of Analog Integrated Circuit Design.
Amir Kabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic University)
M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering with majors in the field of Biomedical Engineering
Amir Kabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic University)
B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering with majors in the field of Tele-communications
 Professional Background:
1999(Feb. to March)
SIRIM (Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia),
Industrial Instrumentation and Electronics Center, Malaysia
Invited consultant for supervising functional tests and  debugging a Pulse Oximetry system.
Fajr Research Co.& Iran Research Organization of Science and Technology.
Consultancy for design and manufacturing of industrial version of CCU Monitoring system.
These units have been successfully in operation in several hospitals since 1993.
Sharif University of Technology, Electronic Research Center,   Major projects:
Design and prototype development of a Dielectric Strength (Hipot) Tester.
Design and prototype development of the Home Terminal for a WLL (Wireless Local Loop) system.
A contract between ERC and a group of  private and state companies. 
Head of Home  Terminal subgroup.
Implementing ECG processing algorithms on a microcontroller
Feasibility study of fabrication of CO and CO2 sensors.
Design and manufacture of industrial version of LIM
A contract  between ERC  and ARAS International Electrical Industries.
Study and performance of standards and Q.C. tests of Fire Alarm  system components according to British Standards.
A contract between ERC and MAZDAC Co.
Design and prototype development  of a Line Isolation Monitor (LIM).
Study of standards and related problems of test and calibration of Pulse Oximeters.
Basic research and prototype design of a Pulse Oximetry system.
Design and prototype development of an Evoked Potential recording system. Research team member.
Djanbazan Biomedical Engineering Research Center 
Researcher. Design of a patient-computer interface module for a computer-aided ECG .
Research Interests:
Design and Test of Analog Integrated Circuits,
Medical Instrumentation,
Industrial Sensors and Instrumentation,
Automotive Electronics,
Industrial Development of Systems.
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 Courses Taught:
Sharif University of Technology, Electrical Eng. Department
-Electronics I
-Electrical Measurement
Amir Kabir University of Technology , Tafresh Branch
-Electronics III
-Communication Circuits
-Solid State Physics.
Air Force University
-Electronics I
-Electronics III
- Communication Circuits