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Publications: Books

  1. Ship Terminology
  2. Ship Stability
  3. Ship Resistance
  4. Ship Design
  5. Offshore Structures
  6. Seakeeping
  7. Fluid Mechanics
  8. Interdiction to WIG Craft Design
  9. Ship Hydrodynamic Resistance
  10. Marine Propulsors
  11. Principles of Modern Marine Vehicles Design
  12. Ocean Waves
  13. Dynamic of Marine Vehicles
  14. Principles of Design and Analysis of Offshore Structures
  15. Principles of Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Design

Publications: Journal papers

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  3. Application of MCDM methods in managerial decisions for identifying and evaluating future options: A real case study in shipbuilding industry 2020
  4. Studying the influence of different Centre bow cross-sections in maximum acceleration in drop test in HARTH vessel 2020
  5. Parametric study of buckling and post-buckling behavior for an aluminum hull structure of a high-aspect-ratio twin hull vessel 2020
  6. Noise Calculation of Non-cavitating Marine Propellers by Solving FW-H Acoustic Equations 2020
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