Mohammad Saeed Seif, PhD

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bullet Telephone: +98 21 6165549
bullet Fax: +98 21 6000021
bullet Website: http :\\MECH.SHARIF.EDU\~seif



Head of Marine Engineering Research Center, Sharif University of Technology, (2000-...)

Professor of  Department Of Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, (2008-...)  

 Associate Professor of  Department Of Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, (2004-2008)              


Assistant Professor of  Department Of Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, (1999-2004)


Assistant Professor of  Department of Marine Technology, Amirkabir University of Technology, (1996-1999)


President of Iranian Association of Naval Architecture and Marine engineering, (1999-2004) , (2007-2014), (2014-...)



Ph. D.

Mechanical Eng

Yokohama National university

Yokohama, Japan


M. Sc.

Naval Architecture

Technical University of Gdansk

Gdansk, Poland


B. Sc.

Mechanical Eng

Amirkabir University of Technology

Tehran, Iran

1984 - 1989


      Scholarship for PhD career from Japan Government, 1993.


      Scholarship for MSC career from Iran Government, 1990.


      Distinguished researcher of sharif university technology  2013


      Distinguished researcher of sharif university technology  2014

Instructed Courses

Graduate Courses

  1. Sea Waves Theory

  2. Dynamic of Marine Vehicles

  3. Ship Structural Design

  4. Offshore Structures

  5. Advanced Marine Vehicles

  6. Advanced Fluid Dynamics


Undergraduate Courses

  1. Introduction to Marine Engineering

  2. Hydrostatics

  3. Hydrodynamics

  4. Marine Engineering Lab.

  5. Fluid Mechanics

  6. Ship Structure

  7. Dynamics

  8. Strength of Materials

  9. Statics

  10. Management and Project Control

  11. Measurement and Control Systems


    1. Ship Terminology

    2. Ship Stability

    3. Ship Resistance

    4. Ship Design

    5. Offshore Structures

    6. Seakeeping

    7. Fluid Mechanics

    8. Interdiction to WIG Craft Design

    9. Ship Hydrodynamic Resistance

    10. Marine Propulsors

    11. Principles of Modern Marine Vehicles Design

    12. Ocean Waves

    13. Dynamic of Marine Vehicles

    14. Principles of Design and Analysis of Offshore Structures

    15. Principles of Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Design

Research Interests


  1. Comparison of Interface Capturing Methods in two Phase flow , Iranian Journal of Scince and Technology-IRAN 2005

  2. Submarine Dynamics Analysis Under The effect of Control Systems , The Journal of Ocean Technology 2005

  3. Comprehensive study on the results of TLP responses In random sea , Journal of Zhejiang University-China 2006

  4. Second Order Perturbation Added Mass Fluctuation on Vertical Vibration of Tension Leg Platforms, Marine Structures Journal- England 2006

  5. Development of a vof-fractional step solver for floating body motion simulation , Applied Ocean Research- UK 2007

  6. First Order Perturbation Solution for Axial Vibration of Tension Leg Platforms , Scientia Iranica-Iran 2007

  7. An Underwater Vehicle Maneuvering Simulation, Focus on Turning Maneuvers , The Journal of Ocean Technology-Canada 2007

  8. Towards simulation of 3Dnonlinear high-speed vessels motion , Ocean Engineering-England 2008

  9. Catamaran motion simulation based on moving grid technique , Journal of Marine Science and Technology-Tiwan 2009

  10. Drag force on a flat plate in cavitating flows , Polish Maritime Research Journal-Poland 2009

  11. A unified computation method for simulating dynamic behavior of planning vessels , China Ocean Engineering Journal- China 2009

  12. Unsteady Multiphase Modeling of Cavition Around Naca0015 , Journal of Marine Science Technology-Tiwan 2010

  13. Numerical Simulation of underwater Propeller non- activating , Journal of Ocean, Mechanical and Aerospace, Malaysia 2012

  14. An experimental study of interceptor's effectiveness... , Polish Maritime Research-Poland 2013

  15. Effect of interceptors on the hydrodynamic performance of a high speed asymmetric , Journal of Marine Science and Technology-Tiwan 2013

  16. Experimental evaluation of ship squat in shallow waters , Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering-Brazil 2013

  17. A Study on vertical motions of high speed planning boats with automatically controlled- aft interceptors in calm water and head waves , Ships and offshore structures journal(UK)2014

  18. Planing craft modeling in forward acceleration mode and minimization of time to reach final speed , Ships and offshore structures journal(UK) 2014

  19. Development of Semi- empirical Method for Hydro- aerodynamic Performance Evaluation of an AAMV,in, Take-off Phase , Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering-Brazil 2014

  20. Formulation of A Nonlinear Mathematical Model to Simulate Acceleration of an AAMV in Take-off and Landing Phases , Ships and offshore Structures Journal(UK)2014

  21. Experimental and numerical modeling of the high speed planing vessel motion , Journal of marine engineering and technology(JMET) (UK)2014

  22. RANS Simulation of Interceptor Effect on Hydrodynamic Coefficients of Longitudinal Equations of Motion of Planing Catamarans , Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering (BMSE)(Brazil) 2014

  23. Assessment of offshore structures under extreme wave conditions by Modified Endurance Wave Analysis , Marine Structures Journal Nether Lands 2014

  24. Analysis of Hydrodynamics and Noise Prediction of the Marine Propellers under Cavitating and Non-cavitating Conditions , Scientia Iranica journal 2015

  25. Numerical Study on interference effects and wetted area pattern of asymmetric planning catamarans Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment ,... 2015