Cosmology Group of Sharif Univ.


 The cosmology group of physics department at Sharif University consist of two faculty members and three PhD students.  The main activities of this group at the present time are: (i) Brane World cosmology, (ii) Baryonic Dark Matter in the spiral galaxies and (iii) Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation analysis. We have regular seminars every Sunday at 2:00 PM and most of the cosmologists from the other universities participate at this seminars. There are also annual cosmology conferences that held at Sharif university and national cosmology summer schools for the graduate students. This group also belongs to the Center of Excellence for Physics at Sharif University.  

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Faculty members:

  1. Reza Mansouri (Prof.)  (E-mail, homepage)
  2. Sohrab Rahvar (Assistant Prof.) (E-mail, homepage)

PhD students:

  1. Sima Ghassemi (E-mail, homepage)
  2. Hossein Haghi (E-mail, homepage)
  3. Sadeg Movahhed (E-mail, homepage)

Colleagues from other universities:

1. Samad Khakshournia (Associate Professor at AEOI) (E-mail, homepage)
2. Sharam Khosrovi (Assistant Professor at Tarbiat Moa'lem University) (E-mail, homepage)
3. Farhang Habibi (M.Sc student at Elm-o-Sana'd university)(E-mail, homepage)

Projects for thesis of students:

This part will be active time to time to propose research projects for M.Sc and PhD students.

  Sohrab Rahvar (11 April 2004)