Sharif University of Technology

        Industrial Engineering Department


Graduate students

Arash Norozian, Selection of resilient supply portfolio with uncertainties, 2012

Seyedeh Razieh Ravanbakhsh, Analysis, fault finding and re-engineering processes of Civil Aviation Organization, 2013

Amir Atabaiki, optimization of radiotherapy plan under uncertainty, 2013

Sheyda Chabok, The application of profile monitoring in healthcare for disease monitoring-Case study, 2013

Amin Zaheri, Transplant process optimization in kidney donation problem, 2013

Atiye Mohammaditalab, A new mathematical model towards the cellular manufacturing system considering multi-functional unreliable machines in uncertain environment, 2013

Hosein Nikpayam, coordinated scheduling of electricity and natural gas networks considering uncertainty, 2014

Saeed Firoozeh, location and relocation model for ambulances under uncertainty, 2014

Bahareh Nazaripour, Unified Optimization of Air Traffic Flow with Uncertainties, 2014

Mojdeh Norozi, A planning and scheduling for an operating room using an open scheduling strategy under uncertainty, 2014

Maryam Aghamohammad, Multi-echelon multi product location-routing problem for perishable product with uncertainties, 2014

Reza Iranzad, Proposing a Solution Algorithm for Scheduling Operating Room Problem Using an Open Scheduling and Elective Patients Strategy, 2015

Maryam Alimohammadi, Flounce Map Optimization in IMRT planning under uncertainty, 2015

Hadis Moazami goudarzi, optimization of beam angle and beam weight in intensity modulated radiation therapy, 2015

Amin Zaheri, Transplant process optimization in kidney donation problem, 2016

Abbas Deailmaizadeh, Review on sampling models of epidemic rate in substance use And determination of epidemic rates in street addicts of Tehran city, 2016

Maryam Rahshabdiz, Developing Green Supply Chain Management approach for FMCG industries using MCDM methods, 2016

Shadi Nesari haghighifard, Assessing the impact of implementing green supply chain management components on supply chain performance (Cost, productivity, quality and social costs), 2016

Mehdi Afaghpour, Designing of Self-starting Control Chart for Simultaneous Monitoring of Mean and Variance of Multivariate Profiles, 2018

Farzad Heidari Dehkordi, Order system optimizing of retail chains, 2018

Hamidreza Shokouhi, Forecasting Airline Demand by Using hybrid Bayesian method and Time Series, 2018

Sanaz Kargar, Prioritizing and clustering customers in a supply chain with Perishable and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) (Case Study of Ramak Company), 2018






 Graduate Students