University appointment and experience

Sharif University of Technology

Academic Positions in the Department of Energy Engineering

  • 2016-present Assistant Professor

Administrative Positions at Sharif University of Technology

  • 2016-2020 Research Deputy, Sharif Energy Research Institute

Technical Review and Editorial Activities

  • 2021-present Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification


Other Appointments

  • 2014-2016 Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Iran


  • Multi-Carrier Energy Systems
  • Resilience and Reliability Studies in Electric Power Distribution Systems
  • Local Energy Markets for Highly Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation Penetrated electric Power Distribution Systems
  • Smart Grid Technologies

Laboratory Personel

P.hD Students

Mohammad Gholami

Mohammad Gholami

P.hD fellow

Hadi Sadeghi

Hadi Sadeghi

P.hD fellow

Mehdi Shafee

Mehdi Shafee

P.hD fellow

Milad Kabirifar

Milad Kabirifar

P.hD fellow

Mahdi Forooghi

Mahdi Forooghi fellow

Ali Pasban

Ali Pasban fellow

Sahand Karimi

Sahand Karimi fellow

Mohammad Pourmatin

Mohammad Pourmatin fellow

Ali Azizi

Ali Azizi fellow

Behnam Talebjedi

Behnam Talebjedi fellow

Sadegh Nomani

Sadegh Nomani fellow

P.hD Students (Date of graduation is given in parenthesis)

1. Milad Kabirifar (Ongoing)
2. Mohammad Gholami (Ongoing)
3. Hadi Sadeghi (Ongoing)
4. Mehdi Shafee (2018) Probabilistic Modeling of electric Vehicles Aggregator in Distribution Systems Integrated by Distributed Generations (Advisor)
5. Shahin Riahinia (2018) Design a Comprehensive Framework for Distribution System Restoration in the Presence of Distributed Generations and Energy Storage Systems (Advisor)

M.Sc Students (Date of graduation is given in parenthesis)

1. Ali Azizi (Ongoing)
2. Mohammad Javad Atabaki (Ongoing)
3. Behnam Talebjedi (2018) The Application of Hybrid Ventilation to Meet Large Office Building Cooling Demand
4. Mohammad Pourmatin (2018) Developing an Efficient Supportive Policy for Electric Transportation with the Main Goal of Sustainable Integration of Electric Vehicles Using Social-Behavioural Modelling
5. Ali Pasban (2018) Developing an Efficient Framework for Determining Distributed Locational Marginal Prices (DLMPs) in Active Distribution Systems Based on the Concept of Transactive Energy (TE)
6. Sadegh Nomani (2018) Expansion Planning of Urban Gas & Electricity Infrastructures Considering Grid Interoperability
7. Sahand Karimi (2018) Provision of a Framework for Distribution System Expansion Planning Considering Flexibility Requirements for Massive Integration of Renewable sources

Research Projects

  • Data Minning

    Data Minning

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