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Industrial Experiences                                                         February 1996 - June 2021

During teaching at sharif University of Technology the following Industrial projects have also been completed.

Ball Bearing Remaining Useful Life Calculation
Vibration Trouble Shooting in Power Plants
Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis in Variety of Industrial e.g. Oil and Gas.Cement. Steel......
Balancing Roroting Shafts
Ship Vibration Analysis and Reduction
Investigation on Drilling rig Maintenance Methods & Certificates*.
Vibration Reduction in Fans by Modifying the Structure and Changing Number of Blades
VCM Implementation in Persian Gulf Power Plant.

Vibration Evaluation on all Turbo compressors of National Iranian Gas Transport mission Lines.

VCM Implementation in Persian Gulf Power Plant.

Condition Monitoring of Compressors C-02502A/B/C in Bandar Abbas oil Refinery.

Vibration Analysis of Turbo Feed pumps in Ramin Power Plant.

Dc Motor Vibration Analysis for Ettehad Motor*.

Effect of earthquake on residential buildings*.

Surge in oil pipe lines

Touchal Telecabin Condition Monitoring*.

Vibration Condition Monitoring for Abadan Power Plant*.

Cooling Tower Vibration Analysis for Ramin Power Plant*.

Power Line Cable Dynamic tests by Strain gauges.

Vibration Investigation on 105 water pumps in Kermanshah province.

Variety of Materal tests in solid mechanics laboratory [5years Laboratory supervior]*.
Blade Failure investigation in Turbine 101-j  Razi petrochemical company.*
Vibration Investigation in Alstom Locomotive in Tehran.*

Stock bridge dynamical tests.

Modal analysis and Finite element analysis of gas turbine blades .*
Vibration investigation in hydromechanical structures.*
Condition Based Maintenance in wood and paper industries.
Design and manufacture of test apparatus for vibration assessmant of wheel cap by 20g acceleration.
Vibration investigation in utility pump of khorasan petrochemical complex.*
Car mirror vibration test apparatus [design, manufacture, test].
Investigation on high vibration of bearing 1 of Toos power plant.
Piping dynamic and static analysis
Bent shaft vibration behavior .
Fault diagnoses in turbines by vibration analysis.
Mechanical Fault simulator rig [design,manufacture,test]. *
On Line Condition monitoring implimentation in petrochemical complex.
Turbine performance rehabilitation .
By pass duct vibration investigation in Guilan combined cycle poweer plant
Experimental investigation on the effects of design parameters variation on the agricultural engines performance.
Vibration assessment in Abbaspour hydro power plant .
Numerial and experimental investigation on the effects of blade numbers on the efficiency of hydropower plants.
Measurement, analysis and evaluation of vibration in the units 3 and 4 of shazand power plant.
Physiological effects of noise in factories.
*Brief explanation  for some of the listed industrial projects are given bleow.



Investigation on Drilling rig Maintenance Methods & Certificates

This is a maintenance project with one of the Iranian Oil Drilling Company in order to optimize their current maintenance costs. At the end of the project we are expected to give a

 new methodology and strategy for their maintenance. Figure 1 shows one of these drilling rigs.


Drilling 001.jpg

Fig 1-  Drilling rig


 Dc Motor Vibration Analysis for Ettehad Motor

The very small electro motor can be seen in Fig. (2) used in vehicles for ventilation. The manufacturer used to have noise and vibration problem on them. We carried out vibration measurement and analysis. Our analysis based recommendation has been implemented by the manufacturer. Now they are producing the unit without any noise and vibration

problem (Figure 2).



Fig. 2- Ettehad Motor electromotor


Effect of earthquake on residential buildings

A residential building has been erected in the earthquake laboratory of sharif university of Technology for earth quake experimental simulation as shown if Fig. (3) and we were

 interested in the gas piping behavior in this building. Through the test we have investigated the piping behavior from the start of the earth quake simulation till the end of test (Figure 3).


Picture 003

Fig. 3- Residential building


Touchal Tele cabin Condition Monitoring

We are involved in vibration based monitoring in Touchal Tele cabin  company for two years. This includes vibration measurement analysis and recommendation to the owner for

 optimized maintenance activities and maximum efficiency. Figure ( 4) shows one of their cabins in operation.



Fig. 4- Touchal Tele cabin

Vibration Condition Monitoring for Abadan Power Plant

We have run condition monitoring for more than two years in Abadan power plant as shown in Fig. (5). The procedure was to measure the vibration in important machines

regularly and predict any necessary  maintenance work in the plant. This reduced the forced outage from 2.5% to .5% in this plant


نيروگاه-روابط عمومي 040

Fig. 5- Abadan Power plant


 Material tests in solid mechanics laboratory

During 5 years work and superviso in the solid mechanics laboratory variety of material tests including  tensile, compression, torsion, pressure and fatigue tests were conducted for

 different industries. Fig. 1 shows checking the u bent test of a welded speciman.

Fig. 1 visual check for crack in a u bent test

Fig. 2 Performing a tensile test with a 2000KN Machine


Blade Failure investigation in Turbine 101-j  Razi petrochemical company

 Blade failure in low pressure part of a steam turbine has been investigated in this study. For this investigation all related information and data have been collected from the plant.

 These information include process parameters, vibration data, and maintenance history. Microstructure study, chemical composition determination and cracked section study have also

 been carried out. The results show creep cavities in the failed Blades. The damaged blade is shown in Figure3

Fig. 3 Damaged blades of gas turbine in Razi Petrochemical company.


Vibration Investigation in Alstom Locomotive in Tehran

 The aim of this project was to give the vibration measured values and analysis at different locations of a locomotive in order to find the reasons of radiator leakage. For comparison

some measurements are carried out in two locomotives. The measured values include velocity and acceleration in unloaded (idle) and loaded (notch 8) conditions in three

directions. According to measured values of vibration and considering standard ISO 10816-6, the engine of faulty locomotive is not running smoothly. This conclusion can also be achieved by comparing the vibration of the engines in the faulty locomotive and healthy locomotive at similar locations and operating conditions. Gear mesh frequency can be seen in the

frequency spectrum of the faulty unit. According to the measurements and analysis it can be concluded that the faulty gear needs to be replaced. Figure 4 shows Dr Behzad attending

 at Tehran railway maintenance center and figure 5 shos two of the project team members.


Fig. 4 Dr behzad attending at Tehran Rail way Maintenance department.

Fig. 5 Dr Behzad (left) with Salmasi and khamseh in the train cabin.


Modal analysis and Finite element analysis of gas turbine blades

 In this project Natural frequencis and mode shapes for a gas turbine blade has been obtained by experimental and analytical method. Figure 6 shows the test set up for the

experimental method in the vibration laboratory at sharif university of technology.


Fig. 6 test set up for finding the natural frequencies fo a gas turbine blade.


Vibration investigation in hydromechanical structures

 The aim of this project was to investigate the vibration of hudro power plants. The main sources of vibration in these plants are found and measurement are carried out to investigate

 the high vibration of the turbine generator set. Figure 7 shows the runner of of the abbaspour 250MW hydro power plant and Figure 8 gives the result of numerical model of the

 water carriage pipe.


Fig. 7 Runner of Abbaspour hydro power plant.

Fig. 8 numerical results for the simmulation of Abbaspour  hydro power plant  water carriage pipes


Vibration investigation in utility pump of khorasan petrochemical complex.

 In this industrial project, abnormal vibrations of two similar centrifugal pumps in a petrochemical factory have been studied.  The piping arrangement around the pump is shown

 in figure 9.These two pumps discharge sump from the neutralizing tanks and work as standby. Excessive vibration of the pumps brought some concerns and limited the operation.

 Some primary mechanical repairs and adjustments had been done on the pumps but the problem was remained unsolved. The purpose of the study was to find source of vibration

 and recommend a practical remedy to solve the problem. To this mean, vibrations on electromotor bearing, pump bearings, pipeline and foundation in various operational conditions

 were measured. Historical records of pump vibrations and repairing actions were also considered. The analysis showed that the pump was source of vibration. The predominant

frequency component of vibration was associated to blade passage frequency. This frequency is caused by fluidic problems in the pump.

Measurements also showed that operating point of the pump, which is controlled by a throttling valve at the discharge, has major effect on the pump vibration severity. When the

 pump operates at off-design conditions vibration amplitude rises dangerously. Near BEP vibration amplitude reaches to its minimum, which is greater than recommended values yet.

 After investigation, the source of problem was found to be fluidic problems, operating point of the pump and throttling valve. Using of a variable-speed drive for electromotor was

proposed to reduce the pump speed from 3000 RPM to 1500 RPM to solve the problem.


Fig. 9 Piping arrangement around the pump of Khorasan petrochemical plant.



Mechanical Fault simulator rig [design,manufacture,test].

The main objective of this project was to design manufacture and tes a rig for fault simmulation of rotating machinery. The design manufacture and test of this apparatus were done

 at Sharif university of technology. This apparatus has been made for NRI( a research center for power stations. Figure 10 shows the rig while being tested by Dr Behzad.


Fig. 10 fault simmulator rig.