The Languages & Linguistics Center
Sharif University of  Technology

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1978: Passed a special English Test (Ezam Daneshjo) and left Iran for studying in the USA.
1979: Started an ESL course to improve spoken English in Chicago, Illinois USA.
1980: Started a B.S degree in Engineering at University of Missouri Columbia, USA
1980-85: Passed many general Engineering courses including: Statics, Dynamics,
          Calculus, Circuit Theory, Physics, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry,
          Engineering Graphics, Differential Equations, Thermodynamics, Engineering
          Economics, General Economics, Mass Transfer, Heat Transfer and Chemical
          Engineering courses and Computer Science

Elective Undergraduate courses:
English Writing I &II, Social-Psycho-analysis, Psychology, Philosophy, World Geography, Political Science, American History, Art, Oil painting

1985-90: Taught different subject matter in the City Colleges of Chicago and High Schools
1988-92: Learned Oil Painting from a great Master (Mr. Rajaee) in Chicago, Il, USA
1989: Started a MA degree program in Gifted Education at Northeastern Illinois University,
          Chicago, USA

Graduate Courses at NEIU:
Teaching Methodology for Gifted Students
Teaching methodology in Science, math, Physics, Chemistry
Psychology of Gifted Students
Curriculum design for Gifted Students 
Research methodology in Gifted Education
MA Thesis: Identification of Mathematically Gifted students in Chicago vs Tehran

Elective Graduate courses and independent research:
Researched the biographies of the Gifted personality: Albert Einstien, Thomas Edison, Ebne Sina, Farabi, Aristitole, Plato, Abol-Hassen Kharaghani, Carl Sagan, Erick Fromm,Leon Leaderman (Fermi Lab)
Researched on Fundamental Particles (Projects conducted at Super-colliders: Fermi Lab)
Researched on Meta-physics, Ultra-reality Forces and Dimensions beyond

1991-93: Started teaching TOEFL classes at Azad University, Tehran, Iran
1994-2003: Taught different academic subjects to Gifted in a private Academy, USA
2004-06: Taught Technical English, TOEFL and GE at Sharif University of Technology
2006-2009: Performed extensive research on the holly book of Quran and Theology,
                   Understanding ego (self) and Understanding Allah, Eastern philosophy,
                   Restudy the works of Sheikh ol Raeis Ebne Sina (Esharat & Tamhidat)
                   Restudy the works of Molla Sadra (Asfar Arbaeh)
                   Restudy the works Great Persian poets [Molana (Masnavi), Hafez, Shabestari,
                   Parvin Etesami, Khayam, Saadi Shiraz, ….)
                   Researched the world of Sufis [Imam Ali (PBUH), Ebne Arabi, Ayatollah
                   Motahari,  Allame Tabatabaee………….]
                   Researched Islamic principles (Haj) and Self Improvements' books
                   Restudy Ethics and moral behavior (Works of Molla Hadi Naraghi)

2009-Present: Teaching Technical English, General English, Technical Writing, IBT TOEFL
                       and conversation classes at Sharif University of Technology (Languages and 
                       Linguistics center). With the cooperation of great colleagues a General English
                       book was published for the Engineering and Science students in the fall of