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Mohammad Ali Bijarchi

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Vibration and Jumping of Ferrofluid Marbles under an Initial Magnetic Perturbation

Langmuir 39.27 (2023): 9406-9417.

Mahbod Mohammadrashidi, Parnian Azizian, Mohamad Ali Bijarchi, Mohammad Behshad Shafii

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Ferrofluid double emulsion generation and manipulation under magnetic fields

Engineering Science 270 (2023): 118519.

Xing Huang, Milad Saadat, Mohamad Ali Bijarchi, Mohammad Behshad Shafii

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Experimental and Theoretical Investigation on the Dynamic Response of Ferrofluid Liquid Marbles to Steady and Pulsating Magnetic Fields

Langmuir 39 (6), 2246-2259

M Mohammadrashidi, MA Bijarchi, MB Shafii, M Taghipoor

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