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News and Events

  • (1-1-2021) Dr Amin Alvanchi is seleceted as the  recognized researcher of year 2020 at the Sharif University of Technology.
  • (1-1-2021) The office of Project Management and Building Information Modeling (PMBIM), run by Dr. Amin Alvanchi, is recognized as the top Technology Service Providing office at the Sharif University of Technology for the year of 2020.
  • (1-7-2020) Dr Amin ALvanchi is propmoted to Associate Professor at the Sharif University of Technology.
  • (1-5-2019) Virtual course of "Consruction Constract Design and Management Priciples" is finalized with Maktabkhooneh academin and is posted online  (Link).
  • (15-12-2018) We are officially selected as the project control and consultant in the national project of BIM development in the country by the Management and Planning Organization (Link).
  • (25-11-2018) New web-page posted  -New web-page with new structure was posted.
  • (18-11-2018) BIM workshop - Holding a BIM workshop on the 6th Professional Project Managemers' Symposium with the BIM researchers in the research Lab.