Dr. Alireza Farhadi

Associate Professor (Digital Electronics Systems) 

 Department of Electrical Engineering

Sharif University of Technology

Tehran, Iran

Email: afarhadi@sharif.edu

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering 

The University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ph.D. thesis title: Stochastic control through capacity limited channels (theoretical development of the industrial Internet of things)

About me: I am specializing in digital electronics, communication and control because I am specilizing in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cyber physical systems and Industry 4.0 that are the interdisiplinary products of computation, communication and control

Employment History

Founder and CEO of Sharif Network Control Systems (spin off) Company English web site, Farsi web site

CPS based smart building research team co-director (in collaboration with Prof. Babak Khalaj)  

Founder and director of Digital Cyber-Physical and IOT Lab.

Founder of Modern control engineering Lab.

Webinar: Smart Irrigation in Smart City

Event: Internet of Things (IoT) in Connected Vehicles Webinar

Event question panel

Short introduction clip for cyber-physical and IoT Lab (in Farsi)

Teaching Experience at Sharif University:

Embedded cyber-physical systems
Industrial Internet of things
Applied mathematics for electrical engineers
Networked control systems
Linear control system and Lab.
Optimal control
Linear algebra
Stochastic control
Modern control Engineering and Lab.
Nonlinear control systems
Measurement and instrumentations
BSc. final project
Introduction to Electrical Engineering
Online Labs.: Recently we developed very cheap but powerfull so called functionscopes for students. Each device (functionscope) consistes of a function generator plus an osciiloscope and only costs 20$. We sent them to students without any charge to help them to conduct experiements at home during Corona virus pandemic. Using these functionscope, students are able to conduct experiements during Lab. online sessions under Lab. instructor and TAs instructions at home Click here to watch a short vedio of functionscope   Click here to see the news about functionscope published at Sharif University website 

Professional Research Activities:
Design and development of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems
Design and development of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)
Design and development of Industry 4.0 systems
Design and development of embedded electronics boards
Design and development of autonomous systems using microcontrollers and industrial PLCs
Design and development of hardware in the loop systems and networks
Design and development of industrial automation systems based on PLCs/DCS
Automobile embedded electronics systems and networks
Measurement and control of embedded systems over wireless links (tele-metry and tele-operation)
AI and deep learning

Automated irrigarion network
Smart oil well/field
Cooperative control of multi-agent systems
Smart building
Leak detection and localization

Recent Awards:
TRL (technology readiness level) 8 certificate for the successful design, development and implementation of "Khozestan automated irrigation system" from Iran's National Research and Technology Organization, 2019 Click Here

Selected Grants and Industry Contracts:
University grant for the design and development of the labarotary version of automated irrigation system
Khozestan automated irrigation system (a practical example of IIoT systems) developed based on a contract with Khozestan Water and Power Authority, which is the major Iran's water management company  Click here to see the picture of this system 
University grant for smart injection of water to oil fields for enhancing the oil recovery factor (a practical example of IIoT systems)
Design and development of an Industry 4.0 system for the automatic fault diagnostic of the electrical and electronics subsystems of the automobiles manufactured by Iran Khodro company, which is the major Iran's auto maker company (Peugeout 206, Peugeout 207, Soren, Runna, Dena)  Click here for more information Click here to see the picture of this system
Design and development of an Industry 4.0 system for the automatic fault diagnostic of the electrical and electronics subsystems of the new generation of the automobiles manufactured by Iran Khodro company (Dena+,Tara)

Software Knowledge and Experience:
Matlab, Simulink, Keil for programming ARM microcontrollers, CSS for programming PIC microcontrollers, C, Ladder+FBD+STL+SCL for programming PLCs, PCS7 and CFC for distributed system monitoring (industrial HMI ) and control, XCTU, Hyper terminal and Hercules for data acquisition and monitoring, Sickit learn (Python) for machine learning, Python3 and Django, etc.

Hardware Knowledge and Experience:
Solid working experience with Lab. equipment and Lab. equipment development, solid working experience with the design and development of hardware in the loop systems using microcontrollers, PLCs and Internet of Things (IoT) modules, working experience with PLCs (Siemens S7-300 and S7-400) for developing autonomous systems, working experience with Arduino and STM32F407 Discovery boards, etc. 


Invited Speaker at:

Ryerson University, Canada, 2019
NIRO power institute, Iran, 2018
Iran Water Management Company, 2015
Lund University, Sweden, 2012

Rolls Royce Center, Berlin, Germany, 2011
Ecole Polytechnique Montreal, Canada, 2011
GE Global Research, Munich, Germany, 2010
University of Padova, Italy, 2010
Sheffield University, UK, 2010
University of Seville, Spain, 2010
CNRS, Paris, France, 2008

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