Undergraduate Courses


Material and energy Balance, Fluid Mechanics ,Rheology, Food Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Water and wastewater treatment, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Microbiology


 Graduated Courses 


Advanced Biochemical Engineering,  Environmental Biotechnology, Food Biotechnology, Industrial     waste water treatment, Bioreactor Design, Solid Waste

 Industrial Microbiology  ,Enzyme Technology


Consulting Experiences


Contribution to design a number of  food factories such as (Canning , Beverages and meat processing), for Ministry of Agricultural.

Member of panel of experts in the  bakerís yeast and alcohol   projects for sugar cane and By products Company 

Active member of HI-TECH group , involved in renewing Iranís Chemical Industry(Ministry of Industry )

Involved in UN projects for Intergovernmental panel on climate change. (Environmental Protection Organization),Tehran,Iran



Membership in Societies

Japan Societies of Bioscience, Biotechnology and Agrochemistry.

International water Association (IWA)

Iranian Biotechnology Society

Iranian Association  of  Chemical Engineering(IACHE)

Iranian Food Engineering Association

Iranian Environmental Association