Professional Background


Professor                          June 2001       Chemical Engineering ,Sharif  University of Technology ,Tehran,Iran

Associate Professor          1992-2001      Chemical Engineering ,Sharif University of Technology,Tehran

Sabbatical leave                1991-1992      Chemical Engineering, Kansas State University, KS, USA

Assistant Professor           1982-1992       Chemical Engineering,Sharif University of Technology, Tehran

Research Assistant            1976-1978       Chemical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran



Educational Background


PHD                        1982                     Institute National de Science Appliques(INSA)Toulouse, France

MSC                        1979                     INAS- Toulouse-France

BSC                         1976                     Chemical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology,Tehran, Iran




Position at SUT


Vice Chancellor for Research of Biochemical and Bioenvironmental Research Center  (SUT)       1984-1986

Deputy of education of Chemical Engineering  Department  (SUT)                                               1987-1989     

Head   of Chemical    Engineering Department         (SUT)                                                          1989-1991

Head of Biochemical and Bioenvironmental Research Center   (BBRC)                                       1997-2002







Graduate Fellowship                                  SUT- Tehran,Iran                                                                   1972-1976

French  Government Scholarship                INSA-Toulouse ,France                                                         1978-1982

Distinguished Researcher                           SUT-Tehran ,Iran                                                                    1990

 Present-Editorial board of Iranian Journal of Biotechnology  (IJB),Tehran                                                  2000

Editorial board of Agricultural Engineering Journal  (TMU),Tehran  ,Iran                                                    1996-present

present-Editorial board of Agricultural  Technology Journal (Ministry of Agricultural, Tehran)                     1994

Advisory board of Scientia Journal  (SUT),Tehran,Iran                                                                              1999-present

Advisory board of Journal of Engineering (Ministry of Higher Education) Tehran ,Iran                                 1990-present

                 Advisory board of Iranian Journal of science and Technology (Shiraz University) Shiraz, Iran                      1992-present 





Research Interest


Covers a range of topics related to Environmental Biotechnology, Immobilized cell Technology , Biofilm, Bioenergy ,Controlled release and Bioremediation,such as; Biological production of organic and   amino acids in fixed bed bioreactor (Valine, Glutamic), Biological production of Industrial enzyme ,Biodegradation of hazardous wastes (Toluene,Phenol),Biosorption of  heavy metals(Chromium ,Lead) ,Bioremediation of  PAH , Bioflocculant production, Biological treatment of chlorinated organic compounds.Biodesulfurization of diesel fuels, Fixed film reactor for Biogas production, Heavy metals removal by Constructed wetlands,Phosphorous uptake in an anearobic-anoxic-aerobic reactor, Nitrification and Denitrification in Moving Bed Bioreactor(MBBR) , Sulfate removal in an Anearobic Baffled Reactor(ABR) , Methane production in upflow ,Anearobic Fixed bed(UAFB),Controlled release of  herbicides (Metrobuzin), Production of Ethanol from lignocelluloseics