Nanostructured Solar Cells

Principles of new generation of solar cells (Ph.D. course)

1st semester, 1391-92
Schedule: Saturday, Monday 8:30-10:30
Class 3, Physics Department

The first part of the course will be a review on physics of solar cells, including semiconductor physics and device principles. Dye sensitized solar cells will be discussed in detail, while other types of solar cells will also be presented, including polymer solar cells, quantum dot solar cells and thin film (CdTe and CIGS) solar cells. The emphasis will be on the physical principles. 

The main texts of the course are:
1. Handbook of photovoltaic science and engineering / edited by Antonio Luque and Steven Hegedus, Wiley 2003
2. Nanostructured and photoelectrochemical systems for solar photon conversion/ edited by Nozik and Archer, Imperial College Press 2008
3. Physics of Semiconductor Devices, S. M. Sze, K. K. Ng, Wiley 2007
4. Hagfeldt, et al, Dye Sensitized Solar Cells, Chemical Review 110 (2010) 6595
1. Solar cells incorporating Sb2S3 as the absorbing material
2. Co based electrolytes in dye solar cells
3. Polymer an inorganic solid state dye solar cells
4. ZnO as the photoanode of dye solar cells
5. Thermodynamic limit to solar cell efficiency: Mirmihammadsadeghi
6. Blending strategies in bulk heterojunction polymer solar cells: Saki
7. Donor-pi-acceptor dyes: structure and recent progress
8. Cathode materials for QD sensitized solar cells
9. Application of graphene in solar cells: Esmaeili

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