Solid State Physics

1st Semester, 1387-88

Physics Department

Schedule: Saturday, Monday 9:00-10:30

Place: Physics Department, Class No. 1


Midterm exam: Saturday, 1 Azar, 8:30-10:30, Talar 4

General Description: This course is a course for undergraduate students of physics. It covers subjects including crystalline structure of solids, bondings and phonons and electronic structure of solids. This is the first course for physics students to know about materials physics.

Text book: The main text is "Elementary Solid State Physics", by Ali Omar. Some parts will be taught from "Solid State Physics" by Ashcroft and Mermin.

Exercises: Exercise 1 (Nature paper of Exercise 1), Exercise 2 , Exercise 3 , Exercise 4 , Exercise 5, Exercise 6, Exercise 7  (Paper of exercise 7)

Grades : The grades were calculated based on this rule: midterm=8/20, final=8/20, exercise=4/20. The grades have been scaled up. For those with low exercise grade, it was replaced by this value: (midterm+final)*3/16. If you need to see your exam sheets, please come to my office on Saturday 19 bahman, 13:30-15:30.