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Mahmoud Tabandeh

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Text Box: This section has been divided into three categories; current Ph.D., MSc students and graduated .
1. Current Students
A.  Ph.D. Students:
 P.  Ahmadi,
Research area: Detection of abnormality in video

I. Alibeigui,
Research area: Fault recovery in IC design
2. Graduated
 A. Ph.D.
R. Rajaei,
Dissertation Topic: Fault Tolerant Design.

E. Tavakoli,
Dissertation Topic: Wireless Network on Chip.

 M. Mirzaei,
Dissertation Topic: High Level Automatic Test Generation.
B. MSc.
Gh. Sobhani
Thesis Topic: Bandpass sampling algorithms.

E. Karimi,
Thesis Topic:  System Level Communication Testing Considering Functionality.

 N. S. Moosavi,
Thesis Topic: Test Data Compression.

 R. Safaian,
Thesis Topic: Design and Implementation of a Tunable Channelizer on FPGA.

 J. Zamani Foroushani,
Thesis research area: A Survey and Practical Comparison of Top Techniques
on Fault Tolerant CPU Design.

 M. Ebrahim Abadi,
Thesis Topic: Design and Implementation of an Audio Stenography System on FPGA.

 M. Shirdel,
Thesis Topic: Techniques of Estimation and Reducing Power in Wireless Network on Chip (WNOC).

O. Sarbishe’ee,
Thesis Topic: Optimization and Verification of Arithmetic Circuits Under Different Levels of Abstraction.

H. Shafeian,
Thesis Topic: Reducing Semantic Gap in Content Based Image Retrieval Systems Using Graph Cuts and Fuzzy Relevance Feedback.

F. Ahoura’ee,
Thesis Topic: Wireless Sensor Network in Biosystem.

S. Moradi,
Thesis TopicDesign and Simulation of A Novel Neuro Fuzzy Controller.

S. M. Bouzari,
Thesis Topic: Using Geometric Transformation For Motion Estimation and Compensation In H.263 Standard.

M. Javan,
Thesis Topic: Moving Object Detection and its Application on Video Compression.
M. Baratvand,
Thesis Topic: Design and Building a Wi-Fi Phone Based on SIP Signalling and Improving QoV Using Jitter Buffer.
M. Momtaz Pour,
Thesis Topic: FPGA Based Reconfigurable DSP Circuit Design Using Systematic Design Flow.
M. Mirza’ee
Thesis Topic: An Efficient Data Structure For Formal Verification of RTL Description.
M. M. Kalantar Hormozi,
Thesis Topic: A Farsi Text To Speech (TTS) System.