Sharif University of Technology

Department of Electrical Engineering

Mahmoud Tabandeh

Associate Professor

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Text Box: In 1982, he translated the "Computer Peripheral Devices" into Persian, a text book for a course with the same name required for Computer Engineering students.
In 1985, Along with four other Iranian university professors, he authored the "Pulse Technique", a text book for an advance electronics course bearing the same name. 
Another book he authored in 1997 is "Pulse Technique and Digital Circuits". This book has been the ext book for the relevant course taught to students of last year of BS in Electrical Engineering in most Universities in Iran. This book was published four times before its second edition when some modifications were brought to it to bring its contents to date and then published in 2008. It was published again in 2010. 
The "Computer Logic and Switching Circuits" book he authored was published in October 2002. 
“Logical Circuits and Computer Hardware” is the book he authored in 2011. This book won the Tehran University prize in Education in 2012.
In winter 2014, his "Problems Solving in Special Electronic and Digital Circuits" was published. He authored this book with two of his ex-students.
He authored "Introduction to Microprocessors and Microcontrollers" in Spring 2015