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· - He served as the director of the project in designing and building the following projects: National Iranian Automated Numerical Control System (NIAN-CS). A project signed with National Iranian Railroad system (Signaling Department) to design and build a computer controlled train stations between MAYBODE and ESFAHAN. LED boards for the railroad system for  1) using txt material to guide passengers and 2) larger color boards  for publicity and advertisements LOCOTROL was another project related to long trains; a wireless microprocessor controlled command sending system for locomotives placed in the middle of long trains to execute reliably commands of the  leading locomotive’s driver.  
· - With a grant from the ministry of higher education, he designed and built a microprogrammed minicomputer
· - He has designed and built a range of telephone exchanges; from small key systems to larger PABX’s up to 256 lines and 20 trunks using modern concepts of design and last technology products.
· - Liminograph project; a project signed with the ministry of power and water resources. A microprocessor controlled statistical water level data acquisition system used for determining the histogram of water level in rivers and/or underground water reserves. The prototype built was solar powered since in general, there is no electricity available in places where the data is needed.
· - He designed and built a prototype of a microcontroller controlled Persian-English, English-Persian dictionary optimizing memory utilization using an LCD  as the main display unit.  
· - For the automotive industry, after a contract with IRAN KHODRO: He examined the existing motor heat control circuit used in PEUGEOT 405 and then suggested new rules for the automatic electronic motor heat control. For the gas indicator of some new car, he designed a linear indicator. - He designed and built a Static VAR Compensation; a microcontroller controlled automatic reactive power compensation system for up to 45 KVA in 16 steps.
· - He is currently working on Videophone improvement; a simultaneous picture and sound transfer through national and international telephone lines.