Prof. S. Mohsen Haeri


Professor of Civil Engineering

Director, Geotechnical Engineering Studies and Research Center (GESRC)

Civil Engineering Department

Sharif University of Technology

Tehran, Iran

Tel : +98 (21) 6616-4230

Fax :+98 (21) 6601-4828

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      Earthquake Simulation Laboratory:

A 4m*4m, 3DOFS, Shaking Table for Earthquake Simulation and other Dynamic Physical Modeling and Testing.


The Complete job (1997-2002) includes:


      Advanced Soil Mechanics Laboratory

An advanced soil mechanics laboratory is established mainly for graduate students and for static and dynamic testing on saturated and unsaturated soils and soft rocks. Also a constant temperature and humidity chamber is made to do especially unsaturated soil tests in this chamber.

Many of the apparatuses present in the lab are built or modified by us to accommodate our needs. The main apparatuses that are active in our laboratory are as follows:

All above apparatuses have the capability for unsaturated soil testing as well.


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