Crystallography and Structural Inorganic Chemistry Research Group

We are a research group at Sharif University of Technology investigating synthesis, structure, and theoretical calculations of new metal-organic and organometallic complexes based on [Cu(diimine)2]+ and M(diimine)(CO)3 [M = Re, Mn] segments. We are working on design and structural characterization of new Re(CO)3 complexes bearing diimine ligands for tailoring and engineering based on intermolecular Halogen...Halogen, Halogen...Heteroatoms,     C-H...Pi, Pi...Pi and classic hydrogen bonding interactions in solid state. 

We are also involved in design, synthesis and characterization of new complexes bearing ambidentate ligands such as (NO2 and NO) based on Re(I), Ru(II) and Co(III). Structural chemistry of Mo(V), and Mo(VI)-Oxo complexes is another interest to pursue the bonding properties of such species. 

We use a range of techniques including NMR, FTIR, UV-Vis, ESI-MS, fluorescence spectroscopy, electrochemistry, X-ray crystallography and theoretical calculations in collaboration to the research teams in UK, Germany and Italy. 

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