3D MHD simulations of the solar atmosphere

In this page, you can find a few snapshot of two different 3D MHD simulations of the solar granulation. The first one is a snapshot of CoBOLD simulation showing a large domain (9600 km x 9600 km). There are granulation and intergranular lanes as well as granular find structure. From top to bottom you see map of the photospheric continuum image, the velocity, the signed line-of-sight magnetic flux (circular polarization), and the horizontal magnetic signal (linear polarization). Reference: (Freytag etal 2012, Journal of Computational Physics, 231, 919; F. Calvo PhD Thesis, 2020, Uni Geneva.)



circular polarization

linear polarization

The second example is a snapshot of MURAM simulation. The maps show the temperature, magnetic field strength, and velocity in the solar photosphere. The image domain is 512x512 pixels and each pixel spans 12 km. Granules are hot upflows surrounded by cool downflows. The magnetic field lines are mainly seen in the cold intergranular lanes. Credit: M. Rempel (Rempel 2012, ApJ 750, 62)


Magnetic field strength

Vertical Velocity