Lecturer: Sayyed Mahmoud Reza Pishvaie

Status (in the study program):

Compulsory course in under-graduate study

Aims/Scope/Objectives: The students are acquainted with engineering judgment, analysis and design of control systems in chemical processes. The basic aim is to familiarize student with key components and behavior of dynamical systems. The students learn the approach how to model the lumped dynamic systems through the convenient formulation and suitable tools. The graduates of this study are equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge of both instrumentation and control engineering formalism. This is especially the case when they are encountered with Chem./Process Eng.-oriented problems.


         Introduction to process control systems.

         Mathematical backgrounds, La' Place Transform.

         I/O Modeling, Transfer functions.

         First-order systems, (Jacobian) Linearization.

         Second-order systems.

         Other dynamical systems.

         Single-loop feedback systems.


         Closed-loop Transfer function.


         Root locus.

         Stability vs. Performance.

         Frequency response.

         Bode' diagrams.

         Bode' diagram, Controller synthesis.

         Nyquist diagrams.




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Teaching Method: Lectures.

Prerequisites: Mathematics, (preferably) MATLAB.

Personal work required: Home works & Quiz  Attendance

Examination method: Exam-based.

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Session 01: Introduction ,  download SESSION01 (last updated : 1391/04/31),

Session 02: La'place Transform ,  download SESSION02 (last updated : 1391/04/31),

Session 03: Transfer Functions,   download SESSION03 (last updated : 1391/04/31),

Session 04: 1st-order plants,  download SESSION04 (last updated : 1391/04/31),

Session 05: 2nd-order plants,  download SESSION05 (last updated : 1391/04/31),

Session 06: Other plants,  download SESSION06 (last updated : 1391/04/31),

Session 07: SISO control systems,  download SESSION07 (last updated : 1391/04/31),

Session 08: Instrumentation,  download SESSION08 (last updated : 1391/04/31),

Session 09: Closed-loop Transfer Functions,  download SESSION09 (last updated : 1391/04/31),

Session 10: Stability, Routh test,  download SESSION10 (last updated : 1391/04/31),

Session 11: Root Locus,  download SESSION11 (last updated : 1391/04/31),

Session 12: Applications of Root Locus,  download SESSION12 (last updated : 1391/04/31),

Session 13: Frequency Response,  download SESSION13 (last updated : 1391/04/31),

Session 14: Bode Diagrams,  download SESSION14 (last updated : 1391/04/31),

Session 15: Controller Tuning,  download SESSION15 (last updated : 1391/04/31),

Session 16: Nyquist Diagram,  download SESSION16.pdf (last updated : 1391/04/31),



Mid-Term: 94/09/02, Monday evening

Final Exam: 94/10/29, Tuesday evening



HW01: Due date 1394/07/25

HW02: Due date 1394/08/18

HW03: Due date 1394/08/25

HW04: Due date 1394/10/07

HW05: Due date 1394/10/25