last updated: 23-Mar-2014

PhD Projects:

Comments Student Title Row
2009 Hasanzadeh AVO Study in Carbonates 1
2009 Alali Optimum Selection of Horizontal Well in Matured Oil Fields 2
2009 Norouzi Dynamic Data Prediction of Low Permeable Carbonate Reservoirs Using Pore Network Modeling 3
2009 Irani Simulation of GTL Slurry Bubble Column Reactor Using CFD Methods 4
2010 Valadkhani Simulation and Control of a Catalytic Fixed Bed Reactor of OCM 5
2010 Jamshidi Application of Data Compression and Cellular Development Algorithms in Pore Network Modeling 6
2012 Taghdisian Green Design for Methanol Plant Process Integration 7
2013 Assareh A New Parallel Framework for Compositional Modeling in Petroleum Reservoir Using Continuous Thermodynamics 8
2014 Biniaz Reservoir Characterization Using Data Assimilation Methods 9
2013 Yasari

Management and Effective Optimization of Water-flooding Oil Production Based on Data Assimilation

2013 Tavakkoli CFD Simulation of Asphaltene Slurry Flow for Oil Dominant Systems in Vertical Wells 11
Active Bagherinezhad Closed-loop Management of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Using Data Assimilation Methods 12
Active Jahanbakhsh Intelligent and Sequential Reservoir Model Updating and Uncertainty Assesment during EOR Process 13
Active Foroughi Simulation of Two-phase Flow Through Micro-featured Rocks Using Multi-block Lattice-Boltzmann Method 14