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MSc Projects:                                   


Comments Student Title Row
2001 Bakhshi Model Predictive Inferential Control 1
2001 SanaeeZadeh Control of Reactive Distillation Columns Using GLC Approach 2
2002 Mohammadi Optimal Startup of Distillation Columns 3
2002 Yadegar Mixed Qualitative-Quantitative Modeling of Chemical Plants 4
2003 Boojari Adaptive Model Predictive Control of Chemical Reactors 5
2004 Alizadeh Control of Reactive Distillation of Ethylene Glycol 6
2004 Partovi Plant-wide Control Structure Design of Reaction/Separation/Recycle Processes 7
2004 Jarrahian Simulation and Optimization of Refrigeration Cycles Used in NGL Recovery Units 8
2004 Jaberi CFD Applications in Modeling, Simulation and Control of Chemical Reactors  9
2005 Kargar Simulation and Control of Membrane Reactors for Removal of Dissolved Oxygen from Water 10
2005 HadjEsma'ilzadeh Dynamic & Static Simulation of Aromatic Plants for Feasibility Study of Feed Alternatives 11
2006 Mostafavi Steady-state & Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of Modified Claus Process for Sulfur Recovery 12
2006 Sarabadani Study of Compensation Algorithms due to Control Valve Saturation on Tennessee Eastman (TE) Plants 13
2006 Shahmirzaloo Simulation and Static Optimization of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells   14
2006 Tofangchi Dynamic and Static Simulation of a Catalytic Reactor for Oxidative Coupling of Methane (OCM) 15
2007 Asgari Nonlinear Optimal Control Using Iterative Ant-colony Algorithm 16
2007 Alamdaran Optimal control of Chemical Reactors Using Differential Evolutionary Algorithms 17
2007 Bazarchi Balance-based Adaptive Control 18
2009 Hasanzadeh, Bardia Optimal Nonlinear Control of Poly Vinyl Acetate CSTR 19
2009 Fesahati Real Time Evolution (RTE) of Tennessee-Eastman (TE) Process 20
2009 Esma'ilzadeh Nava Fuzzy Predictive Control of a Continuous Polymerization Stirred Tank Reactor (CPSTR) 21
2009 Hemmati Simulation and Control of Multi-component Distillation Using Nonlinear Wave Theory 22
2009 Abbasian Simulation and Control of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) 23
2010 Mohammadi Optimal Control of Chemical Reactors Using Artificial Immune-based Optimization Techniques 24
2010 Mirabi Development of a Reduced-order Model for the Control of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Systems 25
2010  Amini Optimal Control of Batch Cooling Crystallizers Using Inversion Approach 26
2011 Mahfooz Fuzzy MIMO Control of Poly Vinyl Acetate Synthesis in CSTR 27
2011 Amoozgar Simulation and Plantwide control studies on a Hybrid Distillation/Pervaporation MTBE Plant  28
2011 Ebrahimkhani Reservoir Characterization and Parameter Estimation Using Ensemble Kalman Filter 29
2012 Moradi Simulation and Optimization of poly-generation energy systems through Methanol plants 30
2012 Sarrami Model predictive control of a solution co-polymerization reactor 31
2012 Amiri Simulation and control of semi fuel cells (SFCs) 32
2012 Eskandari Analysis of forced periodic production of continuous bio-reactors 33
2012 Shafi'e Application of advanced control algorithms on a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell 34
2012 Amedy Comparative Studies on Performance of Two Variants of Nonlinear Kalman Filters for Controlling a SOFC Unit 35
2012 Golzari Dynamic Simulation of Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells (MCFC) 36
2013 Moradpanah Steady-State Operability Analysis of Nonlinear plants Using Output Controllability Index 37
2014 Davoodi, Amir Hossein Plant-wide Control of an Integrated Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell (MCFC) Plant 38
2015 Esrafili State Feedback Control of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Stack 39
2015 Ghaffarian Design of a MIMO GPC for a Solution Co-polymerization Plant 40
2015 Seddigh Interaction of Design and Control for Gas Transmission Networks 41
2014  ShafiAbadi Model Predictive Control of a SOFC Stack based on Neuro-Fuzzy Modeling 42
2014 ShahHosseini Design of an Optimal  Poly-generation Plant Using Evolutionary Optimization Techniques 43
2015 ZahedNasab Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of Microbial Fuel Cells (MFC) 44
Active Behravan Dynamic Optimization of Smart Oil-Wells Using Nonlinear Model Predictive Control 45
2015 Eskandari Haghighi Operability Analysis of Two Conventional Integrated SOFC Plants with Direct Thermal Coupling Scheme   46
2015 Ghazvinizadeh Plant-wide Control of an Integrated SOFC Plant with Direct Thermal Coupling Scheme 47
2015 Niroomand Optimization of Dose-Planning in Electrochemical Treatment of Tumors 48
Active Akbarpour Dynamic Simulation of Liquid Feed Direct Methanol Fuel Cells   49
Active Jafari Multivariable Predictive Control of a Fuel Cell-Micro Turbine Hybrid System   50
Active Porrang Water-flooded On-line Reservoir Management Using Multi-variable Multiple-Model Predictive Controllers 51

Process Engineering

Comments Student Title Row
2004 Zadjkaniha Object-oriented HAZOP Studies 1
2004 Hosseinpour Dynamic Simulation of Methanol Synthesis Loop 2
2005 Hayati Synthesis and Optimization of Reactor-Separator Network With Recycle Streams 3
2006 Kaveh Flare Gas Recovery and its Effect on Pollution Reduction 4
2006 Raeesi Optimization of Hydrogen Network of Oil Refineries Using Ant Colony Algorithms 5
2008 Sharifzadeh Systematic Heat and Mass Integration of Chemical Plants with Emphasis on EISEN 6
2009 Khajehpour Non-linear Optimization of Refinery Hydrogen Management 7

Oil Reservoir Engineering

Comments Student Title Row
2004 Shahbazi Development of a Petroleum Reservoir Simulator based on SUPG Finite Element Method 1
2005 Moarefian Development of a New Oil Resevoir Simulator based on Boundary Element Method (BEM) 2
2006 Khodabakhshi Reservoir Simulator based on Continuous Thermodynamics 3
2006 MommadShafi Oil Production Optimization Using Evolutionary Algorithms 4
2006 Sadeghnejad Characterization of Rock Reservoir Properties Using Wavelet Transformation 5
2007 Biniaz Design and Development of a 2-D and 2-Phase Reservoir Simulator Using Green Element Method (GEM) 6
2008 Rahmati, Hossein Reservoir Characterization through Differential Evolutionary Optimization Method using Production/Injection History 7
2008 Jafarpour Simulator Development for Thermal Operation (Pre-heating) of SAGD Techniques 8
2008 Forooqnia Optimization of  Oil-well  Production Using  Artificial  Gas-Lift with Differential  Evolution Method 9
2008 Mesgari Integration of Well-log and Seismic Data Using Artificial Neural Network for Porosity Prediction of Oil Reservoirs 10
2009 Shoja'e History Matching Using Stream-line Simulation 11
2009 Rahmati, Ehsan Study of production design in smart wells for simultaneous production 12
2010 Khorsandi Thermal Study of Wax Deposition from Paraffinic Mixtures 13
2010 Vaziri Characterization of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Using Intelligent Integration of Diverse Data Sources 14
2010 Afshari Optimization of well placement and number of wells in one of Iranian oil reservoirs using streamline simulation 15
2010 Nasiri Simulation of GAGD Process to Study the Impact of Effective Parameters on Operability Range and Recovery Factor 16
2010 Karimian, Erfan Multi-scale Finite Volume Simulation of Multi phase Flow in Heterogeneous Porous Media 17
2011 Nekoui, Hashem Upscaling Dynamic Model of Reservoirs Using Wavelets 18
2011 Rafi'ePour Modeling of Wellbore Stability in Shales including Proelsatic, Chemical and Thermal Effects 19
2011 Khani Simulation of Retrograde Behavior of Hydrocarbons around the production Wells in Gas-Condensate Reservoirs 20
2011 Bagherinejad Simulator Development for 3-D, 2-phase Flow in Heterogenous Porous Media Using Green Element Method 21
2011 Rafi'e, Javad An Artificial Neural Network Surrogate Model Development for GAGD Process 22
2011 Ansari Development of a Surrogate Simulator for Gas-Injection Processes Using Trajectory Piecewise Linearization (TPWL) Method 23
2012 CharkhtabBasim Development of a 2-phase, Heterogenous Simulator Using Control Volume-based Finite Element Method (CVFEM) 24
2012 Dehghani Parameter Reduction of Wavelet Transformation for Increasing the Accuracy of Integrated and Automatic History Matching 25
2012 Farasat, Amir Statistical Analysis and Experimental Design for Screening of Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in Brine Aquifers 26
2014 Ghadiri Qualitative Reservoir Simulation using Fuzzy Logic 27

Polymer Engineering

Comments Student Title Row
2006 Fahimian Investigation of Thermal Conductivity of Composite Friction Materials 1
2007 Farahi Optimization of Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) Process 2
2009 Eghbal Optimization of Curing Cycle of Thick Composites Using an Artificial Neural Network 3
2015 Rahmanian Flow control in vacuum assisted resin transfer molding 4


Comments Student Title Row
2003 Tahmasbian Thermo-Regulatory Control of Human Bodies 1
2004 Omidvar Dynamic Simulation of Potato Juice Concentration Process 2
2006 Behdani Modeling and Optimization of Energy Utilization in Mixed Batch-Continuous Polyethylene Plant 3
2009 Saber Impact of Internally Heat-integrated Distillation Column Configuration on Energy Saving 4
2009 Goshayeshi

Modeling and Dynamic Simulation of an Industrial Thermal Cracker