last updated:  23-Mar-2014

BSc Projects




2002 Jahanian Simulation and Control of a Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU)


Yousefian/Mehrpour Implementation of Decenteralized, Single-loop Control Systems of Processing Plants
2003 Zamiri/Massahi Fuzzy Control of a Coke-oven Gas Furnace
2003 Ghadrdan/NorouzOlya'e Implementation of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) with Digital Inputs/Outputs
2003 Ghaffari/AsadollahiTabar Control of Nitric Acid Plant
2003 Saeedi/Pahlevanzadeh Experimental Studies of Gas Solubilities in Hydrocarbon Mixtures and Determination of Gas/Oil Ratio
2004 Bahramian/Ommidbakhsh Modeling & Control of an Industrial Water-tube Boiler
2004 Fallah Post-optimization Studies of Blending Process in a typical Refinery Using LP
2004 Nickzad/Javadi Modeling of One-screw Extruders
2005 Mirza'e/Mohajer Development of an Oil Reservoir Material Balance Software (applet) Without Fluid Injection
2005 Haghighi/Mohit Dynamic Simulation of Toluene Plant Using HYSYS Simulator
2005 Zou-Elm/Zarrinmehr One-Dimensional Simulation of Ablation Phenomena
2005 Ta'eHagh Steady-state Simulation of Toluene HydroDealkylation Process
2005 Bagheri/Kaveh Design of an Expert System for Distillation Column Sequencing
2005 Ghobadi/Kazemi Simulation & Optimization of Ethyl Chloride Plant Using HYSYS Simulator
2005 Sajjadian/Sadreddin Design of a Natural Gas Treatment under Heat-integration Approach
2006 Ghahremani/Anvari Rating Optimization of Side-streams in a Typical Distillation Column
2006 Bahraini Design of Static Decoupler for a Distillation Column
2006 Bazargan/Tehrani Study of Well Testing Methods in Gas-Condensate Reservoirs
2006 Behseresht/Rahmati Applications of Wavelet Transformation in Petroleum Engineering
2006 Iranshahr Preparing MBH (plot) Curves for Irregular Geometries of Oil Reservoirs
2006 Moaref Development of a Numerical Oil Reservoir Simulator Using Stream-line Approach
2006 Torabi/Heydari Development and Implementation of Data-acquisition (Interfacing) software under VB
2006 Shafieepour/Forooghnia Data Denoising of Associated Oil Reservoir Signals Using Wavelet Packets Technique
2007 NoieAghaee Thermodynamic Modeling of a Humidifier Tower (HAT) Used in Steam Injected Gas Turbine
2007 Mostaghimi Simulation of SPE Match #10 Using CMG Simulator
2008 Shokrkar Control Structure Design of Natural Gas Dehydration Process
2008 Gholamreza'e Control Structure Design of a Typical Refinery Plant
2008 Vahedi/Pahlevan Control Structure Design of Sulfuric Acid Process


Moradi Dynamic Simulation of a Methanol To Propylene (MTP) Plant
2010 Chabra/Keshavarz Dynamic Simulation of an Azeotropic Distillation Column followed by Liquid-Liquid Extraction
2011 Hakim/Dilfanian/Kahyarian Graphical User Interface Development for Tennessee-Eastmann Benchmark Plant Under MATLAB/Simulink
2011 Jafarzadeh/Poudeh Design, Rigorous Simulation and Optimization of Toluene/THF Distillation Column
2015 Rabi'e Review and Evaluation of Existing Measures to Control the Depth of Anesthesia