Lecturer: S. Mahmoud Reza Pishvaie

Status (in the study program):

Optional course in graduate study, (26501)

Aims/Scope/Objectives: The students are acquainted with engineering judgment and formulation of problems in petroleum engineering (upstream) processes and related issues. The basic aim is to familiarize student with three key components of an optimization problem, namely, the objective function, the process model, and constraints. The students learn the approach how to attack the optimization problems through the convenient formulation and suitable method of solution. The graduates of this study are equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge of both static and dynamic optimizations. This is especially the case when they are encountered with Petr. Eng.-oriented problems; development plans, reservoir management, optimal production, history matching, reservoir characterization, to name a few.


         Introduction to optimization formulation.

         Static(Algebraic) optimization methods.

         Evolutionary (Population-based) Methods

         Dynamic optimization, Variational approach. 

         Multi-objective Optimization Methods

         Stochastic Systems and optimization under uncertainty. 

         Application and case studies (Well placement, Reservoir characterization, Data assimilation, ...).

         Advanced topics.


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Teaching Method: Lectures, Seminar.

Prerequisites: Mathematics, (preferably) MATLAB, Conventional Simulators of Oil Reservoirs.

Personal work required: Home-Works & Term-Project 

Examination method: Project-based.

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Course Materials

Cover (Ed. 1)

Session 01 - Introduction (to be discussed in class)

Session 02 - Supporting Math - Extremum & KKT theorem

Session 03 - Statistics & Probabilities Fundamentals  - Under Preparation

Session 04 - Dynamical Systems, System Engineering Approach  - Under Preparation

Session 05- Estimation Theory  - Under Preparation

Session 06 Mathematical Programming

Session 07 - (Direct & Indirect) Search Methods

Session 08 - Discrete Optimization Methods

 Session 09 - Dynamic Optimization

Session 10 - Evolutionary Techniques

Session 11 - Multi-objective Optimization (to be discussed in class)

Session 12 - Robust Optimization - (to be discussed in class)

Session 13 - Application - Optimal Production  - Under Preparation

Session 14 - Application - History Matching  - Under Preparation

Session 15 - Application - Reservoir Characterization - Under Preparation

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