Experimental Solid Mechanics and Manufacturing Lab (ESMML) Department of Mechanical Engineering

Experimental Solid Mechanics

Predicting failure/fracture/fatigue of engineering materials and structures under different loading conditions requires an extensive understanding of their behavior by mechanical experimentation. Designing test samples, procedures and appropriate fixtures is of great importance in testing bulk and layered materials. In addition to performing experiments to achieve goals of our research projects, we offer the related services to other universities and industries.


Microelectronics Packaging

Strength of solder joints used in package-on-board systems are evaluated under a wide range of strain rates from quasi-static to drop loading conditions. Experimental procedures mimic the real aspects of fracture and fatigue in electronic devices. Process control in manufacturing and fracture load prediction are the other objectives of our research to design stronger joint systems. The main applications of these packages are in the following industries:


Orthopedic Biomechanics

Testing and numerical simulation of orthopedic structures and biomaterials are done in our lab under varying loading conditions. Our research in this field aims at decreasing the stresses imposed on foot and skeleton by designing new footwears specially in impact loading.