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PhD students:

  • Zohreh Seyyedrezaee (co-supervised with Dr Rejaei)
  • Arezoo Zarif (co-supervised with Dr Mehrany)
  • Mohammadhossein Jahanbakht (co-supervised with Dr Banai)
  • Rahele Shams (co-supervised with Dr Mehrany)
  • Somayeh Boshgazi (co-supervised with Dr Mehrany)
  • Pegah Rahmatian (co-supervised with Dr Mehrany)
  • Sajjad Jalili (co-supervised with Dr Mehrany)
  • Seyed Hossein Hoessini (co-supervised with Dr Rejaei)

MSc students:

  • Mahyar Mehry
  • Mohammad Pasdarikia (co-supervised with Dr Khavasi)
  • Mohammadreza Salehi (co-supervised with Dr Mehrany)
  • Parham Heidarzadeh (co-supervised with Dr Mehrany)
  • Amin Hakimi (co-supervised with Dr Mehrany)
  • Majid Ghasemi (co-supervised with Dr Rejaei)
  • Ali Alizadeh (co-supervised with Dr Rejaei)

BSc students:

  • Mojtaba Aghakasiri (co-supervised with Dr Mehrany)
  • Saman Dehghan (co-supervised with Dr Mehrany)
  • Alireza Farhadian (co-supervised with Dr Mehrany)


  • Milad Mohammadi, MSc, 2022 (co-supervised with Dr Rejaei)
  • Amirhosein Sotodefar, BSc, 2022 (co-supervised with Dr Mehrany)
  • Amirhossien Motallebi, MSc, 2021
  • Ali Jabbari, BSc, 2021 (co-supervised with Dr Mehrany)
  • Sajjad Jalili, MSc, 2021 (co-supervised with Dr Mehrany)
  • Mohammad Mahdi Asgari, MSc, 2021 (co-supervised with Dr Mehrany)
  • Ali Zafari, MSc, 2019 (co-supervised with Dr Safarian)
  • Mahdi Chegnizadeh, MSc, 2019 (co-supervised with Dr Mehrany)
  • Somayeh Boshgazi, MSc, 2019 (co-supervised with Dr Mehrany)
  • Milad Rezaei MSc, MSc ,2019 (co-supervised with Dr Fakharzadeh)
  • Amirhossein Saba, BSc, 2018, (co-supervised with Dr Mehrany)
  • Hamed Ghaffarzadeh, MSc, 2018 (co-supervised with Dr Akbari)
  • Majid Golzar, MSc, 2018 (co-supervised with Dr Rejaei)
  • Rahele Shams, MSc, 2018 (co-supervised with Dr Mehrany)
  • Sina Rezaee, MSc, 2018


Note for prospective students:

  • Each year, various research topics in the areas of Electromagnetics, Microwaves, Antennas, and Optics are available for highly interested and qualified students, including graduate (Masters and PhD level) as well as undergraduate (BSc) projects. Specific details can obtained by meeting me in person.
  • You can contact me at to set up an appointment.  Please attach your resume to your email.
  • To excel in research, having or gaining a solid theoretical background on one or more subject matters, developing creative thinking, , having a desire to explore the unknown, and showing persistence are arguably crucial. Such students can be a good match.


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