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Fundamentals of Propulsion (45117)

2nd Semester 91-92

Instructor: M. Farahani

OBJECTIVE:The course is intended to serve as an introduction to airbreathing propulsion systems. Students are given a basic background in combustion, one-dimensional compressible internal flows. In addition, the students are provided with more detailed discussion of the major components in an airbreathing engines ranging from inlets and compressors to combustors, turbines, and nozzles.

Text Book:Hill and Peterson, Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Propulsion, (2nd Edition), Addison Weslay, 1992.

Homework:Assignments are made approximately weekly, due in one week for the text problems and two weeks for the instructor's one. Late penalty is 5% per calendar day, No homework accepted after graded one is returned.

Homework and quizzes 20%
Midterm 1 (91/12/21)     20%
Midterm 2 (92/02/12)     20%
Final (92/03/29)     40%
Total 100%
1. Thermodynamics and Combustion Fundamentals: Laws of thermodynamics, mixtures of perfect gases, reacting flow analysis. (4 lectures)
2. Fundamentals of 1-D Compressible Flow: 1-D isentropic flow, Fanno and Rayleigh flows, normal shocks. (4 lectures)
3. ntroduction: Components of a jet engine and brief history of gas turbine propulsion for aerospace applications (1 lecture)
4. Powerplants and Jet Engine Ratings: Brayton thermodynamic cycle, air standard cycles, engine performance ratings, aircraft range. (3 lectures)
5. Turbojet Engine Cycle Analysis: Real and ideal engine cycle analysis, component efficiencies. (4 lectures)
6. Other Airbreathing Engine Cycles: Turbofan, turboprop, and ramjet engine cycles. (4 lectures)
7. Turbomachinery Fundamentals: Euler momentum equation, axial compressors, axial turbines. (6 lectures)
8. Subsonic and supersonic inlets, nozzles. (3 lectures)
9. Rocket Propulsion Solid/Liquid or Other Topics (time permitting)
10. Motor Testing: Test Stand, Equipment, etc.

1. C. Borgnakke, R. E. Sonntag, Fundamentals of Thermodynamics, (Seventh Edition), 2009.
2. John D. Anderson, Jr., Modern compressible flow,(Third Edition) McGraw Hill, 2004.
3. G. P. Sutton, O. Biblarz, Rocket Propulsion Elements, (7th Edition), John Wiley 2001.
4. S.L. Dixon, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery, (Fourth Edition), 1998.