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Aerodynamics I (45115)

1st Semester 91-92

Instructor: M. Farahani

OBJECTIVE: To understand the behavior of airflow over bodies with particular emphasis on airfoil sections in the incompressible flow regime. While most of the applications in this course are wings and aircraft, a wide variety of applications are also considered in this course i.e. flow around cylinder or sphere.

Text Book: Anderson, J. D., Fundamentals of Aerodynamics (3rd Ed.) McGraw Hill, 2001.

Homework: Assignments are made approximately weekly, due in one week for the text problems and two weeks for the instructor’s one. Late penalty is 5% per calendar day, No homework accepted after graded one is returned.

Quizzes: A 10 minute quiz will be given randomly.

Homework and quizzes 30%
Midterm (91/09/09)     25%
Final (91/10/30)     40%
Project 10%
Total 105%
1. Introduction : Chapter 1.
2. The equation of fluid motion : Chapter 2
3. Fundamental of inviscid incompressible Flow : Chapter 3
4. Airfoil Theory : Chapter 4
5. The finite wing : Chapter 5
6. Introduction to viscous flow : Chapter 15
7. Introduction to Boundary Layers : Chapter 17

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