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Project List

Text Box: Current research programs:
*Cryogenic treatment of different ferrous and non-ferrous alloys especially enhancement of mechanical and wear resistance of tool steels (such as AISI-H13 and M2 steels).
*Aluminum alloys (Al-Si alloys), Characterization and mechanical behaviors of alloys, especially thermal fatigue as well as numerical estimation of mechanical properties by microstructural analysis.
*Semi solid casting aluminum and magnesium alloys by SIMA process (semi solid casting).
*Magnesium alloy casting (AZ91 and AS21) Ė Microstructural and high temperature characteristics of magnesium casting alloys, improvement of creep behaviors of magnesium alloys by microstructural design
*Thermal Fatigue Behaviors Of Al-Si Aluminum Casting Alloys
*The influences of morphology and distribution of different microstructural constituents cf Al-Si casting alloys on their mechanical properties

Other Scientific backgrounds
* The effect of poly vinyl alcohol additions on mechanical and foundry properties of resin bounded sands
* Microwave heating of resin bounded foundry core sands
* Elaboration of Fe - 6.5% wt Si soft magnetic laminations with of Cubic Texture (100)[001]
 Industrial Projects
*Production of Die casting automotive cylinder and cylinder heads, joint Project  with IRANKHODRO Co.

Industrial Projects
ďFractography know-how of cast automotive parts, joint Project with IRANKHODRO Co.

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