Mahmoud Hesaaraki

Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

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Mahmoud Hesaaraki received his Ph.D. from University of Michigan in 1982. He has been a faculty member of Sharif University of Technology since 1970 and has served the university as a teacher, researcher, and in several administrative positions such as the vice-chancellor of the university and the chairman of the department. For the past few years his interested research area has been mostly related to Mathematical Biology, especially in Predator-Prey Systems and disease problems which appear as system of Parabolic Partial Differential Equations or System of Ordinary Differential Equations.

Education Background


Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations
Mahmoud Hesaaraki, Vahid Roumi
ISBN: 978-964-208-129-5
Partial Differential Equations
Mahmoud Hesaaraki, Morteza Fotouhi
ISBN: 978-964-318-609-8
Complex Variable
Mahmoud Hesaaraki, Mohammad Reza Pournaki
ISBN: 978-964-208-034-2
Engineering Mathematics
Mohammad Reza Pournaki, Mahmoud Hesaaraki, Morteza Fotouhi
ISBN: 978-964-318-948-8
Real Analysis
Mahmoud Hesaaraki, Vahid Roumi
ISBN: 978-964-208-193-6

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