Research Interests

Theoretical Projects

Experimental Projects


Research Interests

        Atomic and Molecular Physics

       Quantum Electronics

       Laser Physics and Spectroscopy

       Sensors and Actuators


List of  Projects Offered by: 

 Hossein Golnabi 

Professor of Physics


Theoretical  Projects



  1. Optical properties of carbon nanotubes.
  2. Physical properties of carbon nanotubes.
  3. Electrical transport through carbon nanotubes.
  4. Electromechanical properties of carbon nanotubes.
  5. Electron spectroscopy studies of carbon nanotubes.
  6. Electronic properties, junctions, and defects in carbon nanotubes.
  7. Nanotubes growth methods and optimization.
  8. Macroscopic modeling for carbon nanotubes growth.
  9. Lip-lip interaction models for carbon nanotubes growth.
  10. Developing the MTO formalism for electronic structure studies.
  11. Atomic approximations for electronic structure of solids.
  12. A full-potential LMTO method based on smooth Hankel functions for structure studies.
  13. Using a full-potential LMTO for computing total energy and forces in solids.
  14. Nanosensors and nanoactuators
  15. Design and optimization of optical systems using proper software.
  16. Semiclassical and quantum mechanical computations using software or writing programs.
  17. Optimization of laser and dye laser systems.
  18. Design and optimization of optical cavities and laser systems.
  19. Design and optimization of high power laser systems.
  20. Computation of thermal lensing in laser medium.
  21. Computation of temperature distributions in optical elements and in other heating processes.
  22. Spectral analysis of materials in different phases.
  23. Efficient application of laser systems in different fields.
  24. Optimization of optical detectors.


Experimental Projects

  1. Optical fiber sensors
  2. Capacitive sensors
  3. Absorption and transmission measurements.
  4. Divergence and power measurements
  5. Design and construction of electronics for signal processing.
  6. Laser scanners and optical scanning devices.
  7. Design and operation of optical fiber modulators.
  8. Design and operation of electro-optical devices.
  9. Optimization of laser and dye laser systems.
  10. Laser spectroscopy of materials.

Theoretical & Experimental Projects

  1. Optical fiber sensors
  2. Capacitive sensors
  3. Absorption and transmission studies by spectrometers.
  4. Divergence and power analysis.
  5. Design and optimization of electronic devices for signal processing.
  6. Optical Laser scanners.
  7. Design and test of optical components and systems.
  8. Design and analysis of electro-optical systems.
  9. Spectral analysis of materials in different phases.
  10. Role of laser systems in different applications.
  11. Intensity distribution and signal processing by double and quad position sensitive detectors.
  12.  Design and operation of a chemical sensor based on the intensity modulation for alcohol detection.

  13. Investigation of the chemical and electrical parameters of different liquid samples.

  14. Investigation of oxygen sensing based on the oxidation process in different dye solutions.

  15. LIF and PLIF comparison for the fluorescence spectrum of the Rhodamin and Resorufin dyes.

  16. Optimization of the Carbon nanotube synthesis by the chemical methods.Design and operation of the chemical sensors for different gas sensing.

  17.  Microstructured  polymer optical fibers compared to conventional  plastic optical fiber (POF).

  18. Investigation of the conductive polymer materials for the capacitance construction.



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