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1.     M. R. Nikmaneshi, B. Firoozabadi, A. Mozafari & L.L.Munn, A multi-scale model for determining the effects of pathophysiology and metabolic disorders on tumor growth, Scientific Reports, 10(1), 2020.


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3.    M. Mohammadpour, B. Firoozabadi, High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) ablation of porous liver: Numerical analysis of heat transfer and hemodynamics, Applied Thermal Engineering (2020), doi:https: // /j. applthermaleng.2020.115014


4.    A. Hamidi; M.R. Oshaghi, H. Afshin, B. Firoozabadi, Experimental Investigation of Various Regimes of Bubble Formation and Growth- A Theoretical View of Double Coalescence Regime, J. Fluid Engineering, 142, 2020.



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10. M. Mosharaf-Dehkordi, B.D. Firoozabadi, On the steady/quasi-steady dissipation term in the classic discrete vapor cavity model for simulating column separation, International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping, 165, 2018.


11. R. Jahromi, H.A. Pakravan, M. S. Saidi, B. Firoozabadi, Primary stenosis progression versus secondary stenosis formation in the left coronary bifurcation: A mechanical point of view, Biocybernetics and biomedical engineering, 39, 2019.



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15. A. Kumarsi, M.S. Saidi, H. Moghadas, B. Firoozabadi, A novel process for fabrication of a flexible super hydrophilic porous membrane for organ-on-a-chip applications, Scientia Iranica, 26(2), 2019.


16. M. Roustaei, M. Nikmaneshi, B. Firoozabadi, Simulation of Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) permeation into multilayer coronary arterial wall: Interactive effects of wall shear stress and fluid-structure interaction in hypertension, Journal of Biomechanics 67, 2018.


17.   M.R. Nikmaneshi, B. Firoozabadi, M.S. Saidi, Fully-coupled mathematical modeling of actomyosin-cytosolic two-phase flow in a highly deformable moving Keratocyte cell, Journal of Biomechanics 67, 2018.


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30. M.R. Nikmaneshi, B. Firoozabadi, M.S. Saidi, Continuum model of actin-myosin flow, Iranian Journal of Biomedical Engineering ,7 ,2014.







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