Alireza Fattahi, Ph.D. (Associate Professor)


Sharif University of Technology                                                               

Department of Chemistry

Azadi St., Tehran, Iran


E-mail: fattahi@sharif.edu

Tel: 6616-5342,  

Fax: 6600-5718


·       Research interest:

-Organic Chemistry

-Design and modification of new anticancer drugs:  http://sina.sharif.edu/~fattahi/elearning/11.jpg

-Study of interactions of antigens with antibodies

-Modification of drug structures based on theirs chemistry & interaction with  corresponding receptors

-Metal complexation of model peptides & proteins

-Conformational analysis of bio molecules including amino acids, peptides, nucleobase, carbohydrates  

- Thermochemistry of organic reactions

         - Design of new category of bronsted-lowry acids & bases and exploring their application as enantioselective catalyst


·         Academic:

         I- Postdoctoral program: University of Minnesota, USA, 2002-2005

  II- Ph.D.:  The University of Maine, USA, 2002.

 III- M.Sc.:  Shiraz University, Iran, 1994 (The First-Rank Honor Student” in M.Sc. program)

 IV- B.Sc.:  Shiraz University, Iran (June 1992) (The First-Rank Honor Student” in B.Sc. program)


            Taught the following courses: 

              -Computational Chemistry              

             - Physical Organic Chemistry

              - Organic Chemistry I, II, III

              -Advanced Organic Chemistry

               -Advanced NMR

              - Application of Spectroscopy to Organic Chemistry

             - Physical Chemistry I and II

              - Fundamental of Molecular Spectroscopy

              - Introduction to Quantum Chemistry

              - General Chemistry I and II



·         Selected Publications:  Refer to google scholar