Farzam Farahmand

Mechanical Engineering Department
Sharif University of Technology

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Sharif University of Technology


  Djavad Mowafaghian Research Center for Intelligent Neuro-Rehabilitation Technologies


Research Center for Biomedical Technologies and Robotics

Research Interests:



bullet Medical Robotics
bullet Musculoskletal Modeling
bullet Motion Analysis

Advanced Materials and Biomaterials

 Recent Publications (2013-2017):

-      Naserkhaki S, Arjmand N, Shirazi-Adl A, Farahmand F, El-Rich M, Effects of eight different ligament property datasets on biomechanics of a lumbar L4-L5 finite element model, Journal of Biomechanics, doi: 10.1016/j.jbiomech.2017.05.003, 2017.

-       Bahraminasab M, Farahmand F, State of the art review on design and manufacture of hybrid biomedical materials: Hip and knee prostheses, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers- Part H: Journal of Engineering in Medicine, doi: 10.1177/0954411917705911, 2017.

-      Aboutorabi A, Arazpour M, Farahmand F, Bahramizadeh M, Fadayevatan R, Abdollahi E, Design and evaluation of vibratory shoe on balance control for elderly subjects: technical note, Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology, doi: 10.1080/17483107.2017.1300346, 2017.

-      Abedinnasab MH, Farahmand F, Tarvirdizadeh B, Zohoor H, Gallardo-Alvarado J, Kinematic effects of number of legs in 6-DOF UPS parallel mechanisms, Robotica, doi:10.1017/S0263574716000862, 2017.

-      Nazarynasab D, Farahmand F, Mirbagheri A, Afshari E, A novel laparoscopic grasper with two parallel jaws capable of extracting the mechanical behaviour of soft tissues, Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology, 41 (5): 339-345, 2017.

-      Hindy A, Farahmand F, Tabatabaei FS, In vitro biological outcome of laser application for modification or processing of titanium dental implants, Lasers in Medical Science, 32: 1197–1206, 2017.

-      Eskandari AH, Arjmand N, Shirazi-Adl A, Farahmand F, Subject-specific 2D/3D image registration and kinematics-driven musculoskeletal model of the spine, Journal of Biomechanics, 57: 18-26, 2017.

-      Afshari E, Rostami M, Farahmand F, Review on different experimental techniques developed for recording force-deformation behaviour of soft tissues; with a view to surgery simulation applications, Journal of Medical Engineering and Technology, 41 (4): 257-274, 2017.

-      Haghpanah SA, Farahmand F, Zohoor H, Modular neuromuscular control of human locomotion by central pattern generator, Journal of Biomechanics, 53: 154–162, 2017.

-      Daeinejad FS, Farahmand F, Durali1 M, Abedinnasab MH, Design and analysis of a novel parallel mechanism for prosthetic knee wear test simulators, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, 31 (2): 885-892, 2017.

-      Abedinnasab MH, Farahmand F, Gallardo-Alvarado J, The wide-open three-legged parallel robot for long-bone fracture reduction, Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics, 9 (1): 015001, 2017.

-     Bani MA, Arazpour M, Farahmand F, Mousavi ME, Samadian M, Kashani RV, Hutchins SW, The influence of new medial linkage orthosis on walking and independence in spinal cord injury patients: a pilot study, Spinal Cord Series and Cases, 2: 15033, 2016.

-      Rafiaei M, Arazpour M, Farahmand F, Bahramizadeh M, Jamshidi N, The effect and evaluation of stance control knee ankle foot orthosis on spatiotemporal parameters and kinematics in subjects with poliomyelitis, International Journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Research, 7(2): 592-597, 2016.

-      Saghaei Nooshabadi Z, Abdi E, Farahmand F, Narimani R, Chizari M, A meshless method to simulate the interactions between a large soft tissue and a surgical grasper, Scientia Iranica Transactions B: Mechanical Engineering, 23(1): 295-300, 2016.

-     Haghpanah SA, Farahmand F, Zohoor H, Razeghi M, Generating the activation patterns of the leg muscles during human locomotion using the central pattern generators as a control structure, Iranian Journal of Science and Technology: Transactions of Mechanical Engineering, 40(2): 87-94, 2016.

-        Khadem SM, Behzadipour S, Mirbagheri A, Farahmand F, A modular force controlled robotic instrument for minimally invasive surgery- Efficacy for being used in autonomous grasping against a variable pull force, International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery, 12(4): 620-633, 2016.

-        Jalali M, Farahmand F, Rezaeian T, Ramsey DK, Mousavi ME, Electromyographic analysis of anterior cruciate deficient knees with and without functional bracing during lunge exercise, Prosthetics and Orthotics International, 40(2): 270-6, 2016.

-        Aboutorabi A,·Bahramizadeh M,·Arazpour M, Fadayevatan R, Farahmand F, Curran S, Hutchins SW, A systematic review of the effect of foot orthoses and shoe characteristics on balance in healthy older subjects, Prosthetics & Orthotics International, 40(2):170-181, 2016.

-        Rafiaei M, Bahramizadeh M, Arazpour M, Samadian M, Hutchins SW, Farahmand F,·Mardani MA, The gait and energy efficiency of stance control knee-ankle-foot orthoses: A literature review, Prosthetics & Orthotics International, 40(2): 202-214, 2016.

-        Amini Khoiy K, Mirbagheri A, Farahmand F, Automatic tracking of laparoscopic instruments for autonomous control of a cameraman robot, Minimally Invasive Therapy & Allied Technologies, 25(3):121-8, 2016.

-        Ghiasi MS, Arjmand N, Boroushaki M, Farahmand F, Investigation of trunk muscle activities during lifting using a multi-objective optimization-based model and intelligent optimization algorithms, Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, 54(2-3): 431-440, 2016.

-        Ghiasi MS, Arjmand N, Shirazi-Adl A, Farahmand F, Hashemi H, Bagheri S, Valizadeh M, Cross-sectional area of human trunk paraspinal muscles before and after posterior lumbar surgery using magnetic resonance imaging, European Spine Journal, 25(3): 774-782, 2016.

-        Mirbagheri A, Farahmand F, Ghanadi B, Khoiy KA, Porsa S, Shamsollahi MJ, Owlia MH, Karimian F, Toulabi K, Operation and human cinical trials of RoboLens: an assistant robot for laparoscopic surgery, Frontiers in Biomedical Technologies, 2(3): 172-178, 2015.

-    Hosseininejad S, Farahmand F, Fateh HR, Forogh B, Subject-specific and function-specific applicability of a hand-forearm musculoskletal model, Biomedical Engineering: Applications, Basis and Communications, 27(6): 1550056, 2015.

-      Dehghani Ashkezari H, Mirbagheri A, Behzadipour S, Farahmand F, A mass-spring-damper model for real time simulation of the frictional grasping interactions between surgical tools and large organs, Scientia Iranica Transactions B: Mechanical Engineering, 22(5): 1833-1841, 2015.

-    Bani MA,·Arazpour M, Farahmand F, Kashani RV, Mousavi ME,·Hutchins SW, Comparison of new medial linkage reciprocating gait orthosis and isocentric reciprocating gait orthosis on energy consumption in paraplegic patients: a case series, Spinal Cord, 2: 15012, 2015.

-     Jalali M, Farahmand F, Mousavi SME, Golestanha SA, Rezaeian T, Shirvani Broujeni S, Rahgozar M, Esfandiarpour F, Fluoroscopic analysis of tibial translation in anterior cruciate ligament injured knees with and without bracing during forward lunge, Iranian Journal of Radiology, 12(3): e17832, 2015.

-      Bani MA, Arazpour M, Farahmand F, Sefati S, Baniasad M, Hutchins SW, Kashani RV, Mousavi ME, Design and analysis of a new medial reciprocal linkage using a lower limb paralysis simulator, Spinal Cord, 53(5): 380-386, 2015.

-      Bani MA, Arazpour M, Farahmand F, Mousavi ME, Hutchins SW, The efficiency of mechanical orthoses in affecting parameters associated with daily living in spinal cord injury patients: a literature review, Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology,10(3): 183-90, 2015.

-      Soroush A, Farahmand F, Using inertial sensor system to measure the workspace of the surgeon's upper limbs during operations, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 772: 329-333, 2015.

-      Bani MA, Arazpour M, Farahmand F, Azmand A, Hutchins SW, Kashani RV, Mousavi ME, The influence of new reciprocating link medial linkage orthosis on walking and independence in a spinal cord injury patient, Spinal Cord, 53: S10-12, 2015.

-      Bashti K, Tahmasebi MN; Kaseb H, Farahmand F, Akbar M, Mobini A, Biomechanical comparison between Bashti bone plug technique and biodegradable screw for fixation of grafts in ligament surgery, Archives of Bone and Joint Surgery, 3(1): 29-34, 2015.

-      Hasani Bidgoli H, SadrHosseini SM, Safavi Naeini A, Saberi H, Sadeghi MJ, Karimi Fard, Salimi H, Ahmadian A, Farahmand F, Sarkar S, Experimental evaluation of PARSISS image guided surgery system, Frontiers in Biomedical Technologies, 1(4): 284-291, 2014.

-      Davarian S, Maroufi N, Ebrahimi E, Parnianpour M, Farahmand F, Normal postural responses preceding shoulder flexion: Co-activation or asymmetric activation of transverse abdominis?, Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, 27(4): 545-551, 2014.

-      Khadem SM, Behzadipour S, Boroushaki M, Farahmand F, Tavakoli M, Design and implementation of an emotional learning controller for force control of a robotic laparoscopic instrument, Frontiers in Biomedical Technologies, 1(3): 168-181, 2014.

-      Saedi S, Mirbagheri A.R, Jafari A, Farahmand F, A local hybrid actuator for robotic surgery instruments, International Journal of Biomechatronics and Biomedical Robotics, 3(2): 100-105, 2014.

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-     Delkhoush CT, Maroufi N, Ebrahimi Takamjani I, Farahmand F, Shakourirad A, Haghani H, Dynamic comparison of segmentary scapulohumeral rhythm between athletes with and without impingement syndrome, Iranian Journal of Radiology, 11(2): e14821, 2014.

-      Hashemi A, Arabalibeik H, Farahmand F, Aggregation operators enhaunce the classification of ACL-ruptured knees using arthrometric data,  Frontiers in Biomedical Technologies, 1 (2): 33-40, 2014.

-      Rahnavard M, Hashemi M, Farahmand F, Dizaji AF, Designing a hand rest tremor dynamic vibration absorber using H2 optimization method, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, 28 (5): 1609-1614, 2014.

-      Bahraminasab M, Sahari BB, Edwards KL, Farahmand F, Jahan A, Hong TS, Arumugam M, On the influence of shape and material used for the femoral component pegs in knee prostheses for reducing the problem of aseptic loosening, Materials & Design, 55: 416-428, 2014.

-     Hadavand M, Mirbagheri A, Behzadipour S, Farahmand F, A novel remote center of motion mechanism for the force-reflective master robot of haptic tele-surgery systems, International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery, 10(2): 129-139, 2014.

-      Taslimi S, Samiee H, Jafari A, Asgari Z, Mirbagheri A, Jafari A, Karimian F, Farahmand F, Comparing the operational related outcomes of a robotic camera holder and its human counterpart in laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy: a randomized control trial, Frontiers in Biomedical Technologies, 1(1): 42-47, 2014. 

-      Bahraminasab M, Sahari BB, Edwards KL, Farahmand F, Hong, TS, Arumugam M, Jahan A, Multi-objective design optimization of functionally graded material for the femoral component of a total knee replacement, Materials and Design, 53: 159-173, 2014.

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-     Akbari Shandiz M, Farahmand F, Noor Azuan Abu Osman N.A, Zohoor H, A Robotic model of transfemoral amputee locomotion for design optimization of knee controllers, International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, 10: 91530942, 2013.

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-     Bahraminasab M, Sahari BB, Edwards KL, Farahmand F, Arumugam M, Aseptic loosening of femoral components - Materials engineering and design considerations, Materials and Design, 44: 155–163, 2013.


Memberships in Learned Societies:

  • ISB (International Society of Biomechanics)

  • ISBME (Iranian Society of Biomedical Engineers)

  • ISME (Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineers)