Integer Programming


Instructor : Kourosh Eshghi

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Major Topics:    

Review of Integer Programming

Branch and Bound Methods

Zero-One Implicit Enumeration

The All-Integer Cut Method

Solving Large Scale 0-1 Problems

Lagrangian Relaxation Method

The Asymptotic Integer Algorithm

The Knapsack Problem

The Set Covering Problem

The Column Generation Method

Benders’ Decomposition for Mixed IP

Practical Applications of IP from literatur

Prescribed  Texts:

  مرجع فارسی:   

برنامه ریزی عدد صحیح تالیف کورش عشقی - انتشارات دانشگاه صنعتی شریف

 مراجع انگلیسی :

1. Integer Programming, L. A. Wolsey, Wiley, 1998.

2. Integer and Combinatorial Optimization,  L. A. Wolsey and G.L. Nemhauser, Wiley, 1999.



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