Graph Theory

  Instructor : Kourosh Eshghi

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Major Topics:    

Basic Definitions

Graph Isomorphism

Planar Graphs

Euler Circuits

Hamiltonian Cycles

Graph Coloring

Rooted Trees

Minimal Spanning Trees

Shortest Path Algorithms

Minimal Cost Network Flows Problem

Applications of Graph Theory in Operations Researc

Prescribed  Texts:

   مبانی نظری گراف  -  تالیف:  کورش عشقی - مهدی کریمی نسب- انتشارات نشر کتاب  دانشگاهی        :  مرجع فارسی

مراجع انگلیسی :

1.  Graph Theory with Applications, Bondy and Murty, 2th  edition, Springer, 2008.

2. Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics, R. Grimaldi, Addison Wesley; 5th edition, 2003.

3.  Introduction to Graph Theory , D. West, 3th  edition , Prentice Hall,  2007.  



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