Chemical vapor deposition growth of graphene and Transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers

Material Science

Chemical vapor transport crystal growth of new binary and ternary compounds


Ion and molecular transport trough 1D/2D dimensional nanochannels

Energy Harvesting

Graphene oxide papers for water treatment and energy harvesting

Latest Publications

Ballistic molecular transport through two-dimensional channels

15 may 2018

Gas permeation through nanoscale pores is ubiquitous in nature and plays an important role in a plethora of technologies...

Size effect in ion transport through angstrom-scale slits

12 sep 2017

In the field of nanofluidics, it has been an ultimate but seemingly distant goal to controllably fabricate capillaries with dimensions approaching the size of small ions and water molecules...

Multi-porous Co3O4 nanoflakes@ sponge-like few-layer partially reduced graphene oxide hybrids: towards highly stable asymmetric supercapacitors

20 jun 2017

he controlled growth of metal oxide nanostructures within hierarchically porous conductive carbon-based frameworks is critically important to achieving high volumetric performance and appropriate channel size for energy storage applications...

Our mission and vision

The Nanoscale physics and materials Lab in physics department of Sharif University of technology (SUT), as an experimental condensed matter physics research laboratory, explores new ways to understand the physics behind of the interesting phenomena.

It is focused on science and technology at the nanoscale, connecting the novel properties of nanomaterials to develop the scientific boundaries in fabrication of new devices for different application fields such as Energy harvesting, chemical sensing and water treatment. We study new nanostructures mostly 2D materials, for a wide range of applications in multi-disciplinary domains from Physics and Chemistry to Electrical Engineering and biotechnology.