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Journal Papers
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Recent Conference Papers
  1. S. M. Farahi, A. Ebrahimi, H. Kashi, V. Aghaei, "Aerospace technology position assessment in academic section, second run", The 3rd International Conference on Management of Technology, IRAMOT, Kish Island, December 2013.

  2. Z. Jahanbin, A. S. Ghafari, A. Meghdari A., A. Ebrahimi, "Dynamic analysis of flexible flapping mechanism using bond graph approach", The 21th Annual International Conference on Mechanical Enginnering, KNT University of Technology, May 2013.

  3. Z. Jahanbin, A. S. Ghafari, A. Ebrahimi, A. Meghdari, "Dynamic performance investigation of a flapping mechanism with elastic beam using bond graph approach", The 12th Iranian Aerospace Society Conference (Aero2013), Amir Kabir University of Technology, February 2013.

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