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Name : Jalal Shayegan-Salek

Phone Number: (021)9182153& (Home)02669-30328

Grade: Ph.D.

Place & year of graduating

Books & Articles were publicated inside & outside of country

Names of Graduate projects & Thesis Under my guidance:

Summary of Biography

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place & Year of Graduating:

University: Aston

City: Birmingham

Country: Britain

Name of Doctorate project:

Design of continuous Tower Fermentors.


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Books & Articles were publicated inside & outside of country:

Over 80 Publications mainly on Topics as:

1-Land Treatment of waste water

2-Anaerobic Treatment of Domestic & Industrial waste water

3-Caspian sea; water pollution & Canses of level rise

4-Solid phase Fermentation


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Names of Graduate projects & Thesis Under your guidance:

18 M.Sc. Thesis during last 5 years mainly on topics mentioned above.


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Summary of Biography :

I was born on the fifteenth of May -1944.

I started my advance Education in Tehran University.


1. M.Sc. :(Aston University-1969)

Subject of M.Sc. Project:"Process Design &Development"

2.Ph.D. :( Aston University-1974)

Subject of Thesis:"Design of Continuous Tower Fermentors".


1 .Member of Academy of Science

2.Head of Environmental Division since 1992

3.Member of Academic staff Sharif University of Technology.(S.U.T.)since 1974


Research interest Area:

Environmental Issues such as waste water treatment ,Solid waste treatment

& Disposal lake & river pollution.


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